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Jovovich reveals the new Gnome in its 15th birthday!

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The Mission

Jovovich traveled through haunted, dead cities to discover the Gnome facilities..

..And she did find them. She fought bravely the Gnome Developers who tried to stop her. And she won without a single scratch.

She finally made it to get into the Gnome’s mystic labs.

..but what did she find?

The Apocalypse

This is how the new Gnome will look like.. Gnome Shell has been replaced by a bottom panel. And this is the famous initial setup, which has been renamed to “Start Here”.

The new Nautilus hasn’t Compact View and Extra Pane, (so you have to re-fork it!) but it can render HTML. Not Web-kit thought :)

Customization Settings are back by default. So Sawfish!

Thanks to Milla Jovovich all Distros can now have free access to Upstream Gnome. No more excuses :)

Happy birthday to Gnome!

1997-2012  | There were two.. Now we are many :0)

Happy Birthday Gnome Page!

Karen Sandler Interview

The executive director of Gnome Karen Sandler gives a YouTube (25′) interview to Jeremy Allison.

Karen talks about how she involved with OS, her role in Gnome Foundation,  the differences and the collaboration of Gnome with the other desktops, the new fashion of Tablet devices over Laptops, the importance of the Accessibility in Gnome and the involvement of Women in the project.

Resident Evil

The above images are taken from the Resident Evil: Retribution which comes in theaters in 14th of September in 3D and is the 6th episode of the popular series.

That was just a joke to the latest events with Gnome’s bad communication with other Open Source Teams. I don’t mean to be sarcastic or insult anyone here :)

Ps. Previously was Gnome 1.4 which released in April 2001 and you can get and try with a VBox from Gnome’s Happy B-Day page!

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  • Philip Witte

    I would make a joke pretending to be angry at the direction Gnome is taking here… but given some of the comments against Gnome recently, I sometimes wounder if this really ISN’T the direction some people would like to see Gnome taking ;-P

    • alex285

      Direction is okay, but implementation is cluttered. But then again GS is based on Clutter.. I am cluttered. It fits me :)

  • ScionicSpectre

    I find it impressive that it can run on new hardware like… a 2012 virtual machine.

    • alex285

      But It is more impressive that XServer 1.13 doesn’t run in 2012 virtual machine :)

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