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Join Fedora 19 Gnome 3.8 Test Day, with GNOME 3.8 Live Images!

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GNOME Live Image

Thanks to Ray Strode you can download the Gnome Live Image (800mb) based on Fedora from:

While downloading you can watch some of the new features of Shell in my handy screencast with the many mistakes :)

Additionally to the Gnome Live Image (which I haven’t download yet), you can get Fedora-next from their daily builds.

Fedora 19 Gnome 3.8 Test Day

From Fedora ML

Hi Gnome users, developers and friends!

We continue our Test Days ride [0]. You are invited to join Gnome 3.8 Test Day [1] on this Thursday. Gnome 3.8 final will be released on 2013-03-27. You can test new Gnome 3.8 [2] features [3] running from Fedora 19 Live test images and help to make this release better.

List of some features:

  • Gnome Classic mode replaces Fallback mode
  • new applications: Clocks, Photos
  • ownCloud integration
  • Initial Setup
  • changes in shell: Activities Overview, Message Tray and Integrated

Application Search

  • Privacy Settings and Sharing Settings
  • changes in applications: Boxes, Web, Documents


Join IRC #fedora-test-day on FreeNode and ask QA or developers for help, if you get into trouble. We can try to find workarounds and help you with debugging.

Please report all bugs under appropriate component preferably at upstream bugzilla regarding common Gnome 3.8 issues or Red Hat bugzilla if you have problems with Fedora distribution integration.

You can also report other Fedora bugs not related to this Test Day. Feel free to ask on IRC, if you don’t know against which component or on what bugzilla you should fill the report.

See you in Bugzilla!

Best Regards,

Martin Holec
Desktop QE, Red Hat Brno

Freenode nick: Martix

Don’t hesitate, just one day left!

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  • Diogo Campos

    “HTTP://…” works better for me.

    • alex285

      Thank you, I added that!

  • Remjg

    I tried to make a startup disk using the application “Startup Disk Creator” in Ubuntu. Unfortunately, it seems that it’s not possible to make a startup disk with a non Ubuntu distribution… So if someone faces the same problem as me, try to use UNetbootin ;-)

    • Diogo Campos

      Open “Gnome Disks”, select the drive you want to “burn” the image, click on the menu button, select “Restore Disk Image”, and follow the steps…

      Works better for me – again :)

      • Remjg

        I didn’t know I could use “GNOME Disks” in that case, the user interface is much more sexy than UNetbootin :)
        I will try once I’ve bought a new usb key, mine seems to have reached end of life with random errors. I can’t boot with it.

        • Diogo Campos

          I also did not know. Got the idea some days ago, and it worked amazingly. So I’m sharing :)

          About the USB key: try to “burn” an ISO once with the “Gnome Disks”, maybe it not boot just because was “burned badly”.
          Or try checking if the BIOS is pointing to the right entry: my pendrive, for example, is recognized in two different ways, depending on something who I don’t know what is.


          • Remjg

            Finally, I’ve been able to test Gnome 3.8. It’s so fast and smooth compare to my current version, I can’t believe it! Thank you Diego!

            I never succeeded to boot with UNetbootin (plymouth error after the bootloader).

            I also faced strange errors with Gnome Disks like “Error opening /dev/sdb: Device or resource busy (udisks-error-quark, 0)”. But after following the work out provided in, I could successfully make a start-up usb disk from the .iso file.

          • Diogo Campos


    • Enrico Badalemnto
    • Matthew Javelet

      This isn’t the full fedora distro so your best bet would be to test in a virtual emulator like virtualbox. No need to test on a separate partition on your hard drive.

      • Remjg

        I will try Virtualbox. With Gnome Boxes, I must say the experience is terrible on my machine (i5 laptop).

  • Enrico Badalemnto

    thanks for videos, really fantastic work,, and Gnome is ultra beautiful

  • Badreddine Moon

    seams to be great release … but test will be the judge

  • Rita

    Boots OK on but after some seconds crashes on VMware Workstation 9.0.1

    • Matthew Javelet

      No issues here on Gnome boxes.

  • Matthew Javelet

    Best news all week. I knew there was a good reason I’ve never left gnome. I can’t wait to see what’s to come in 3.10

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  • Jamin Fernandez

    Tablets ??

  • Brandon Watkins

    Wow, booted up the liveusb on my system. Gnome 3.8 is way, way, way, way faster than gnome 3.6, especially searching the overlay.