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JHbuild on *BSD

In June, Bill posted a guide to the BSDs. Ryan Lortie has been spearheading the effort to get jhbuild running on various BSD flavours as well as OS X, starting with this bug.

Ryan explains his motivation:

Although we’ve often claimed wide portability for GLib and Gtk, we’ve never had a way to test it. If we can’t jhbuild on a particular platform, then we essentially have no way to test our portability claims, except in retrospect when the packagers inform us that we broke something some time during the past 6 months.

To that end, I’ve been working on getting stock jhbuild going on non-Linux systems with the goals of working upstream to fix issues and having no patches. So far I’ve been working on OpenBSD and FreeBSD, both of which have active GNOME porting teams who are already doing great work.

If these people are willing to help us by getting regular jhbuild going on their systems, I think we should do as much as possible to help them get to a point where such a thing is possible.

Ryan lays things out in detail on this wiki page.


In addition to the BSDs, Ryan has been looking at OS X: “The [Gtk port to OS X] already exists, but it has fallen into disrepair a bit. I’m fixing things up.” Here are some bugs to follow:

  • CSD not working on Mac OS #720357
  • Windows with shadows cannot be moved to the top of the screen on quartz #720374
  • Possibly use NSUserDefaultsController in nextstep gsettings backend #668088

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  • Bruno Maximo e Melo

    but and the problem about systemd, pulseaudio and others?? that problems show us gnome is not portable anymore

    • GegoXAREN

      PA should run on *bsd.
      and not using PA in 2013? That is madness!

      • Bruno Maximo e Melo

        what’s PA?

        • Massa

          It totally is man

        • desrt

          FreeBSD is working on getting wayland up and running via their version of kms and systemd is not required for running GNOME.

          • Bruno Maximo e Melo

            what i wanna say is: Gnome guys should provide another resources to run Gnome on non-Linux systems

    • Juanjo Marín

      I don’t think so, for example OpenBSD has ported GNOME 3.10:

      Only few features that depends on systemd, like active session tracking or power management, are missing till OpenBSD write a replacement.

      • desrt

        upower is working find on FreeBSD

      • Bruno Maximo e Melo

        it’s not cool “someone writes a replacement”! Gnome devs should provide that, or they don’t want Gnome runs on everywhere

        • Marco Scannadinari

          No. The *BSD devs should provide that.

          • Bruno Maximo e Melo

            Gnome isn’t theirs product. If Gnome is for Unix, the Gnome devs should do that! This is obvious.