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Jasper St. Pierre Talks About GNOME on Wayland | Don’t Miss It!


A small tribute to the little green guy of GNOME ;)

Jasper talks in his blog about GNOME 3.12 on Wayland, and what is coming next on GNOME 3.14. Your support will make Wayland a reality in just six months from now!

For 3.14, we’re going to continue with Wayland development, and we’re all hoping to give a solid Wayland session that can be used for real work. No promises; six months is not a lot of time, and we have plenty to get done. Your testing will make it go faster, so if you get the opportunity, please start finding those bugs!

One of the best blog-posts of the year, don’t miss it!


Wayland in 3.12, and beyond by Jasper

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