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It’s time to Wakeup!

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Using Wakeup you can set as many alarms as you want, set them to repeat every certain days, hours, weeks etc and even set the alarm to power on your computer if your BIOS allows so (this requires root permission). How useful could that be?

With the help of the Festival text-to-speech synthesis system, Wakeup can read and speak whatever you want. Apart from your own text, Wakeup can also grab some info tags like your gmail inbox, the weather conditions outside, the current date and time etc. Note that some of these information may need a working internet connection that means that if you set your alarm to power on your computer, you should also configure your Network manager to allow all users to connect.

You can see some info tags on the following example screenshot:

Many of these functions can be easily configured from the plugins section. There you can set a desired RSS feed from which Wakeup can read the news, choose an mp3 from your local disk to play on the alarm, set your location for the weather info, provide gmail and lastfm user and password and many more…

What else would you need from an alarm clock? Well…maybe the default robotic voice is a little bit too robotic, but you can always install and use better Festival voices by following the instructions found on this thread.

Other than that, I think Wakeup is just perfect. It offers a both informative and pleasant waking up, and if you work on a schedule with the alarm recurs it can prove itself to be one of the most important things your computer offers to your daily life!

Wakeup in Launchpad

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