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Is Media Explorer following MeeGo to the graveyard?

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This App will blow your mind with its slick design and the smooth transitions and is basically a show off, a real demonstration of what Clutter Toolkit is capable to do.

Although Media Explorer (mex) is not well known inside the GNOME community -and there is a reason for it- many people, including me, were really excited with the release announcement about a year ago.


Well a year later things aren’t so nice. Mex is totally unusable and even if it jumped on version 0.4 before two months, I didn’t notice major improvements. First thing I did was to check on their web-page for a changelog. Surprisingly on their page refer as latest version. I run a Fedora 17 and I had installed mex-0.4. Well Fedora ships the very latest packages but that would be ridiculous :) Then I checked on their Git.



Bad News. The project doesn’t seem quite active. I don’t know the reasons but is a real pity because mex was one of the most promising open projects  ..MeeGo was also…

Media explorer’s features include:

  • Browse, search and play media on local (inc. USB) and UPnP filesystems.
  • Smooth, fast, animated user interface (based on Clutter + Mx).
  • User experience designed to be usable with standard TV remote controls.
  • Media player (using GStreamer for playback) controllable over DBus.
  • Plugin system for adding new types of content and user interface extensions.
  • Uses standard metadata (Tracker) and media (Grilo) libraries for Linux.
  • Library of reusable classes plus Model-View-Controller framework
  • for media playback and presentation (written in C/GObject).


Mex Homepage  Mex on GitHub  Watch Mex on youTube

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