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Inkscape 0.49 Roadmap and Inkscape port in GTK3!

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Inkscape Roadmap

There aren’t any dates on roadmap, but this is how it goes:


  • (DONE) Merge GSoC 2010 work
  • Evaluate changing the numbering scheme to a date-based one, or setting more realistic goals for major (1.0, 2.0) releases
  • (DONE) Port renderer to Cairo (Krzysztof – GSoC 2010)
  • (DONE) Completely remove libnr
  • Introduce a backwards compatibility mechanism that will allow us to modify the XML representation of editing info. This is needed to bring the desktop coordinate system in line with SVG due to guideline and 3D box problems (they save desktop coordinates in the XML).
  • Using the above mechanism, make flowed text SVG-compliant.
  • Improve support for SVG switches: the first recognized element in a switch should appear directly in the SP tree, not as a child of the switch element.
  • Improve support for changing the name of the XML element node in response to SP tree changes.

GSoC work

  • 2010
    • Cairo-based rendering
    • C++ification of SP Layer
  • 2011
    • Rendering caching
    • Javascript support improvements
    • CSS support improvements
  • 2012

Learn more [at] Google Summer of Code

Long terms Goals

  • Better modularization: separate the Inkscape codebase into several libraries that could be used by other programs.
  • General refactoring: make Inkscape a joy to develop.
  • SP tree refactoring: Port the object tree to C++ objects.
  • XML refactoring: Remove direct manipulation of XML from as many places as possible and replace it with SP tree methods.
  • Hardware acceleration: make use of modern GPUs to speed up rendering.
  • Live path effects: investigate extending to cover generic vector transformations (vector effects). Provide live versions of several destructive operations: boolean ops, stroke to path, text to path, etc.
  • CSS support?
  • Animation support.
  • GtkMMification

Inkscape 1.00 – Full SVG 1.1 support

Learn more [at] Inkscape Roadmap

Inkscape GTK3 port

This is mostly for fun reasons, and to show that developers are already working to a GTK3 port of Inkscape. So don’t suppose that Inkscape already run in GTK3. There are many bugs, and also I had the broken icons, which I didn’t know how to fix, but this isn’t really a bug!

GTK2 and GTK3, or before and after if you prefer

Of course GTK3 port is build against the latest upstream code, but with not all modules included as some of them were failing to build. By the way I have set the dark theme, which is not the default.

what’s up with memory? 

There is a huge difference in memory consumption between Inkscape ( r9886 (Sep 12 2012) and Inkscape (Inkscape 0.48+devel r11746 custom (Oct  7 2012)) that I cannot explain.

GTK3 Menus

Not all menus are working in GTK3 port.


Inkscape uses Bazaar Version Control and you can find more instructions on “Browse the Bazaar Tree” page while the actual repository lies in Launchpad. If you already have bazaar installed:

bzr branch lp:inkscape

build Inkscape

First of all you need to track the dependencies. Then if you want to try it with GTK3 support you will need to build it against an external GDL -which I didn’t as I saw this later :

We currently use our own fork of the GDL library (based on GDL 2.30.0). Eventually, we need to get rid of our own fork, and build against the external library. Progress is being tracked at“.

./configure –help

as always will give you all the options, including the GTK3 build which is

./configure  –enable-gtk3-experimental

If you want to build it I reckon to use the -k and -j flags, to skip the broken modules and to make it some faster, as in my box (6cores AMD, 8GB RAM), it took like 30mins? This is my make export.

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  • Philip Witte

    Inkscape is great, and I use it all the time. However, it has a couple very important missing features from Illustrator.

    1. Full object-tree outline (This is huge, I need to see all my object’s hierarchy in complex illustrations).
    2. Better Mask editing. (I shouldn’t have to unmask-edit-remask my objects to make changes to the mask).
    3. Rounded corners path filter… it’s extremely useful.

  • hellzou

    I don’t really understand the comparison.
    Before it’s was the normal theme, after it’s the dark gtk theme ?

    • alex285

      Before is Gtk2, after is Gtk3. Gtk2 hasn’t a dark Adwaita. I don’t compare anything, this is just the status of Gtk3 port :)