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Increase your productivity with Bluefish!

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Bluefish is following a what you see is what you need graphical user interface design philosophy that makes it ideal for those who want to do their job easy, fast and powerful.

Why would I use it?

  • Bluefish is a really light application that can run fast and load hundreds of documents in a matter of seconds, even when being used in a low-specs computer. It has been tested and confirmed able to open over 10000 documents simultaneously.
  • The application allows you to set up specific projects that may include various document files, thus making it easier to work on various projects without getting confused.
  • You can use pattern recognition that will make it easier to open files that contain specific name or content patterns
  • Safety mechanisms are assuring you won’t loose any of your work in case of a crash or a fatal error.
  • Bluefish makes writing code more comfortable through in-line reference information, highlighting, code block fonding, auto-completion, auto-tag-closing and language definition files for 29 programming languages including C++, Vala, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS and SQL.
  • Support for multiple encodings especially for saving format purposes.
  • Compliance with the GNOME user interface guidelines.
  • Multi-threaded support for remote files using gvfs
  • Support for integration with custom error seeking scripts.
  • Translated in 17 languages
  • …and many more useful tools and features some of which you can see in action in the following video:

Version 2.2.3

A new release version 2.2.3 came out yesterday bringing mostly many minor bugfixes and many minor enhancements. The major changes are the following:

  • A corrupted state in the syntax scanner that could lead to a segfault was fixed
  • Code folding had major fixes and improvements
  • Search had major fixes
  • A lorem ipsum generator was added
  • The GUI was restructured in some areas
  • Some shortcut key combinations were added
  • Some visibility features were added such as a bigger cursor and cursor highlighting
  • Some options were improved such as zoom and the custom colors
  • External commands had some changes such as better cursor positioning after a filter has been used, user supplied arguments for external commands, and an option to restore the default settings
  • Some dialogs were added for HTML5
  • The thumbnail generator was fixed
  • Many language files were improved, and more user configurable options have been added to most language files

Download Bluefish

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