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Inbox (1) – You have a new Gnome Mail!

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Gnome Mail is a nice alternative for people that deal with many mail accounts but don’t want to use a “heavy” application like Thunderbird or Evolution. It seems more like a “poster” App, where emails are treated like Twits or FB “walling”. Besides do not forget that GOA has Twitter and Facebook support.

Of course Gmail (Gnome Mail!) features a chat client and support attachments.

[1] Chat

[2] Email

[3] Attach files

[4] Attach Gnome Docs

[5] Gnome Docs Attached

Personally I would need such an App. I have my Gmail tab always on but I cannot follow my MSN and Yahoo. Gnome Mail is a smart way to keep an eye to every email account and quickly replying back. However it isn’t meant to support folder management or advance search, but who cares? You need to reply quickly back or say a hello? You need this!



  • Integrated with GNOME technologies

– Contacts
– Calendar
– Notifications

  • Aggregate inbox from mail sources in GNOME Online Accounts
  • Handle attachments according to Content Transfer guidelines

– Save to Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, etc

  • Conversation view of messages
  • Indicate unread messages
  • Search messages
  • Compose and send messages
  • Take action on messages:

– Reply
– Reply to all
– Forward
– Mark as spam
– Delete
– Print

  • Support both push and pull updates
  • Save user state
  • Automatically save message drafts


  • Support a to-reply queue
  • Inline replies
  • View alternate folders
  • Support some source specific functionality:

– Archive
– Labels
– Star

Non Goals

  • Folder management

An issue in my opinion is if you can really keep a email client simple nowadays. You are getting spam mails, registration emails, advertising emails, billing from banks, from phone companies etc. It is quite a challenge to balance between simplicity and practical on this case. Anyway..

You can read more at Gnome Live!

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  • Foobro

    I’d love to see a simple and functional mail client. Gmail is the only useful mail interface I found so far. Too bad that we will never see gmail-like tabs in such a simple tool.

  • Steve
    • Alexis Diavatis

      Yes I know, I’ve seen the blender files but I won’t publish again something without been discussed on Gnome Live :) 

  • Hadret

    My, oh my, really looking forward to this one, as Evolution on netbook is just too heavy (even in –express mode) (:

  • Mike

    Sorry, I don’t like this fancy toy stuff. I have occasional Repetitive Strain Injury. All these new “designs” are total crap when used with a mouse and keyboard. Big lists and icons and whatnots mean long mouse ways. Gnome is not a “Desktop Environment” anymore. It’s a “Tablet Environment”. However, I don’t see any tablet hardware on the market, on which one could run Gnome. So, #big-fail from me.

    • Alexis Diavatis

      Why whats the constraint to use keyboard and mouse in Gnome3? Actually you can use more keyboard in Gnome3 than Gnome2. And then people blame Gnome that copies OS X. Everything feels so confusing!

  • liam

    Uninspired and simply a toy without folder management.
    Alex, take a look at Geary by Yorba (the devs who are responsible for shotwell). I was pointed to this by some designers and, aside from the leftmost pane, is quite nice.

    • Gianmarco Brocchi

      Yes: why another email-client? Improve Geary (is written in Vala!), like Shotwell, and integrate them in the GNOME desktop!

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