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Improvements in DnD in G-Files Sidebar

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Allow drag and drop to any folder

Bug Report
Currently we allow the user to switch tabs when dragging a file but we shouldreally allow the user to drop into any location directly from a drag.

William belongs in GNOME Design Team, but he has said that a designer has also be a programmer and a programmer has also be a designer. So, he reported the bug, he wrote the patches and he also pushed them on Nautilus Git.

The Ease Down | Face The Day

GNOME Shell Screen Recorder is bugged in 3.6 (fixed in 3.8) and playback goes a bit faster, but I guess is quite obvious what these changes are about. +1 to G-Files for it!


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  • Bastian Hougaard

    Nice! Look forward to try this myself. And yea, it’s really terrible that 3.6’s recorder is bugged. Really wish they would fix it on 3.6 branch too. I spent several hours editing the recordings of my workflow yesterday but had many many sync issues because of this. :/

    • alex285

      I get the .webm and I re-encode it with VLC. That fixes the frame-duration, but the sample frequency is still slightly broken.

  • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

    At the end of the video you showed us the feature where by dragging a folder in the sidebar we could preview whats inside it.
    After getting the preview, would it be possible to drag the file inside a folder of the preview?

    For example drag a txt file over the sidebar’s “Home” label and once the preview of Home is displayed to “unload” the currently draggable item inside a folder of Home (like: ~/downloads).

    • alex285

      Yes, that was the point, sorry if I didn’t make it clear :(

  • Philip Witte

    I hope this doesn’t get annoying when trying to drag files into the terminal..

    • alex285

      Nop, because it has a small delay

  • Craig

    Fawning is very unbecoming.