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Improved Networking In Boxes

Zeeshan Ali fixed a long-standing bug in Boxes.

Up until now, Boxes has provided libvirt’s “user mode” networking, which prohibits inbound connections while allowing the guest to connect to the network or Internet. With this fix, if the virbr0 device is available, it will be used automatically instead of user mode. This will permit connections from the host and from other virtual machines on the host.

However, Zeeshan cautions, “it’s not after all ‘bridge’ networking, it’s NAT. It puts the host and all VMs on the same network, and the network is local to the host.” Bridge networking would permit access to the virtual machine from the network outside the host.

Daniel P Berrange explains:

The ‘virbr0’ bridge device provides NAT. At a conceptual level the virbr0 device and the qemu user mode are providing almost the same type of connectivity to a guest. The only real difference is that when using virbr0, two guests on the same host can talk to each other since they are on the same private subnet. With user mode net, each guest is on its own completely isolated subnet.


Boxes 3.11.2

Other changes from 3.10 include:

  • Allow import of system libvirt VMs.
  • Enable users to use force shutdown as a work around for completing
  • installations from live sessions for OSes (e.g Ubuntu) that require you to
  • Eject the CDROM after installation.
  • Fix regression of empty Boxes UI not showing up.
  • Handle the case of user manually deleting storage pool directory.
  • Only show cutomize button in wizard summary when creating single machines as
  • it currently does not work for other cases.

Boxes 3.11.2 Changelog

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