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iLoveGNOME, GNOME3 Theme Service Preview

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With this service we are trying to solve the cluttering with GNOME Themes and make them easy accessible to new users. But we are going to add more things about GNOME than Themes there!

This service is temporarily till I’ll manage to build one of the top of NodeJS, that will work better for what we are trying to achieve. NodeJS is a very cool framework but quite low level (I have spend 10 days till abandoned it), so for now I go with a Ruby on Rails Application that provides a full stack. But I will migrate at some point.

Screenshot from 2013-02-03 05:10:25

If for any reason you don’t want to install the NPAPI plugin (that gives full access to your system), the page will alternatively generate an one-liner script that you have to paste in terminal in order to install a theme.

I made a demo in development environment (it is not online) and also I cheated a bit, because I actually don’t install the theme; I am just enabling it. I was a bit lazy to upload a theme online at 5 o’clock in the morning ;)

Well  this is a demo, however things will be quite different in a few days, but anyway..

Thanks to all people that helped ..or are going to help :)

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  • Rajesh Ksv

    Awesome!!!! Cannot ask for more…

  • Philip Witte

    This is really a great idea, and I love the website design. Great work! Can’t wait for it to be live.

  • Arash M

    If you release the code somewhere (github?) other people can help too :)

    • alex285

      Ofc! We will release the code some days after we open it, just to have a more completed application.

  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    I was waiting for this for quite some time now, great job guyz.
    If you need any help with coding/designing I could give you a hand.

    Just like Arash asked, are you going to open source it (git,svn something)? It would be easier for us to commit few hours

    • alex285

      Obviously we will open the code, in short time after we release online!

  • Pau Iranzo

    This is just great. Guys, you really know how to create very useful gnome things!! I’m just wondering whether someone in GNOME would be interested on supporting this. On the other hand, I want to help you on this!!

    • Pau Iranzo

      By the way… why ruby and not python? (or php)

    • alex285

      Gnome contributors help us a lot, not complains at all!

      About the languages, I guess it doesn’t matter if it is Ruby or Python or Php. But it matters the Rails! I made this App in two days, with i18n, data validation, tests, user roles, upload service etc.. I prefer Rails over Django and Cake. I also tried to make this with TowerJS but I got stacked. But I ll give another try in the future!

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  • Reda Lazri

    Awesome work! I hope this service would deprecate gnome-look. This is way more convenient.

    One question though, is there technical limitations on the fact that there is no Opera plugin?

    • alex285

      It works fine with Opera! I just didn’t refer it :)

  • Brian Bentsen

    awesome guys!

  • Maciej Rachuba

    Lovely idea :) But why this: ? Looks like some gender segregation for no apparent reason.

    • Adonis K. (Varemenos)
      • Maciej Rachuba

        Amazing, because women are so weak and unconfident that they need special treatment, true story :)

        I got idea for next step: GnomeNigger – sounds good? GnomeTowelhead? GnomePapist? Gnome[puthereanyreligioncolorskinlanguage]*

        This whole program is very GnomeFubar imo.

        *I’m not racist, just making a point.

        • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

          Well, the Gnome universe needs more people that want to contribute and less douchebags.

          They made this campaign to get more people involved, its not special treatments its marketing. Don’t like it? Find a better way to gain audience and let them know.

          • Maciej Rachuba

            I’m a douchebag, no doubt about it :) I just think that this actually hurts Gnome instead of helping it. Any kind of segregation is bad. I would feel offended by this program, cause it sounds like women in IT are some kind of second sort of people and require some helpful hand from men. This is not true, they are just minority (atm) and bringing more women (and men) to Open Source project should start at school level. You’ve asked about better idea: Shift resources to some education programs in emerging markets, where M$ is not so adopted yet instead of making very bad PR for both Gnome and females.

          • alex285

            You have a point and I have a question; why there perfumes for women and perfumes for men? It is not about equality (although in some countries it seems there is an issue) or segregation, is about lifestyle ;)

        • johnny

          Oh dude. Do you really think that ‘Woman’ is offensive like N***** or the the other wors you called? I remember articles and discussion on jewelfox’ blog where it’s emphasized that ‘Girl’, ‘Lady’ or ‘YourChoice’ is not ok. Just ‘Woman’ is totally fine.

          It’s a fact, that female involvement is not so high OR is not noticed that much (but I guess it’s the first one). It’s a thing that changes hopefully as soon as possible. Everyone has the duty to make this world (including Gnome community) a place where everyone feels good and well accepted. Gnome is just doing it’s part when they offer mentorship and the possibility to get involved in a community to change the still existing male-centrism.

          You might be right, that it should’nt matter if you’re male or female, black or white, gay or straight, whatsoever. When the time comes that ~50% of the work in Gnome is done by woman, people should rethink about the program.

          BTW, I like the idea of having an AfroGnome program.

    • johnny

      As Adonis said to emphasize GnomeWoman and the Outreach program. From my point of view the question ist also really appropriate as it leaves the choice of being a woman to the user. That might be polite for the trans-part of the Gnome community.

  • tipodeincognito

    “iLoveGNOME is not officially connected with GNOME” Do you plan to make ILoveGnome an official part of GNOME?

    • alex285

      I guess you mean if Gnome will host this in their infrastructure? I think not, and the reason is that a Gnome web-service that is not part of Gnome Foundation has the advantage to use out-resources like Google or Amazon APIs.

      • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

        Gnome also doesn’t “officially” want people tweaking the shell’s theme.

  • David

    Not so sure about the URL but the site looks good :)

  • liam

    You don’t need to use node by itself. You can use its package manager to install something like express, meteor, or derby. Those frameworks should provide a faster, more rails like experience.

    • alex285

      I tried with TowerJS. I haven’t abandon the idea, I just thought to make it in quick in rails and I will still continue to work with NodeJS. As long as we get a nice Themes database, we can migrate it to another framework. The service is simple enough.

  • goldspy

    I just want to post this, not sure if it will help but it seems the packagekit browser plugin and actually creating a repository with debs/rpms for each theme would make more sense, and would provide for better user/dev support as well as being easier to review making everyone feel safer. This is the info I found regarding the plugin: