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HowTo share your Android Screen in GNOME – the old fashion ;)

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I was making an HTML Service for Android Phones for a client of mine. The drawback was that I needed to install a small program in the Android Device for making this run. Since I had to demonstrate this, and I didn’t want to ask him to install this App in his phone,  the only way was to show him how ti works through internet.

How it Works

All you need is to download Android SDK and Droid-At-Screen. Then you just launch Droid-At-Screen and if you have your Device plugged with USB it should automatically recognize it. android-at-screen
There are many threads in Forums that are saying you have to install Android USB Drivers, but I hadn’t such issue or I might had done this in the past and I can’t remember it. Anyway, if that is working you can see your Android Display in your GNOME Desktop.


Refresh rate isn’t perfect so you can’t screen-casting games etc, but wasn’t either annoying for what I was needing to do in this case. Then just Hangout in Google and share your Android with your friends!

Moving files from & to Android

Web Upd8 has a very nice tutorial how to properly mount Android 4 Device in Ubuntu Using GO-MTPFS. I didn’t follow this guide but since Web Upd8 is a “trusted” page, if this is the only way to mount your Android and transfer data over your Linux Desktop and your Linux Android, wow that sucks (sorry!) :)

Fortunately there is a simpler way to move files around with AirDroid. You just open a trusted server in your GNOME Box and you move files through the network. That means you don’t need to have your Android connected to a USB.

You connect


You Transfer


Canonical works with Ubuntu/Android integration so I guess we will get some better solutions here in the short future. Having some kind of GNOME Client for our Android device wouldn’t be bad idea. Android is open and is everywhere!

Android GNOME 3 Themes

I also tried a GNOME 3 Go Launcher Theme which in my Samsung Galaxy Tab II 10.1″ wasn’t working since I couldn’t use horizontal view with that. The whole Go Launcher seems that doesn’t work with horizontal displays,  but I didn’t check further. However if you have a regular phone you can try it.


Applications titles are hidden in horizontal, but they are working in vertical. There are more issues than this.


The wallpaper is the GNOME Live Wallpaper, and I know many people don’t like animated backgrounds, but this is actually pretty nice!

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    I already knew AirDroid. It’s very practical.