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How To Use Google / OpenDNS Public DNS In GNOME 3

Should we switch to Google’s Public DNS? Google promises better performance (not always true) and increased security, but in any case using reliable servers from companies that specialize in providing DNS like Google & OpenDNS, will probably give you some advantages over your ISP’s DNS.

Benefits according to Google Docs

Notice that some ISPs (at least in Greece) don’t like changing their DNS, and you can have issues in sending emails (from ISPs mail account) or it can mess around with your free download quota (if not unlimited). Anyway, you can switch, try them and if not happy, just switch back.

The official documentation for using Google Public DNS (Linux, Mac, Windows)

The same instructions are valid for OpenDNS. You just need to adjust the name servers accordingly.

How To Use Google Public DNS In GNOME 3

1. Open Network from Settings

Instead we could just add the name servers in our /etc/resolv.conf


but that wouldn’t be much of GNOMish, plus it requires sudo.


2. Add a new Profile.

This is mostly for our convenience, so we can easily switching profiles and DNS servers in this particular case. Just add a meaningful name there (e.g Google).


3. Add the DNS Servers

The IPv4 DNS servers for Google are:
and / or

The IPv6 DNS servers for Google are:

and / or 
[caption id="attachment_26417" align="aligncenter" width="640"]network-ipv4 Remember to set “Automatic” DNS to “OFF”[/caption]

4. Choose your New Profile

To activate or switch profiles, you need to double click it.


5. Test changes
Restart applications that using a network connection (eg web-browser) and test the changes!

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