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How to Upgrade Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 to 14.04

Upgrading Ubuntu from one version to the next is extremely easy. But before we begin we should prepare our system, so that we can have a smooth transition of our system. Some simple rules are:

  • Check for the regular system updates and if there are any, install them
  • Have at least 5GB of free space
  • Disable any 3party PPA you have installed
  • If you use the Gnome Ubuntu PPA, consider downgrading the Gnome version with the purge-ppa tool that is available in the repositories
  • Make a cup of coffee and prepare to stare your PC screen for at least 45′-60′ minutes

If you didn’t use any external PPA’s and you have been using the packages provided by the official repos, you will have a smooth transition.

step 1

Press Alt+F2 (on laptopts you may need Fn+Alt+F2) to launch the command prompt and type:

update-manager -d

then press enter.


This will start the update manager in distribution upgrading mode.

step 2

Click on the Upgrade once you are prompt that there is a new release of Ubuntu


step 3

Read the release notes and check if there known bugs and workarounds, then click Upgrade


step 4

The Upgrade manager will start preparing the repositories associated with the new release.


step 5

The Upgrade manager will disable any third party repositories that are not compatible or can not be automatically updated. You can check them and enable them after the completion of the upgrade.


step 6

You will presented with the changes that will be applied to your system. Check them out and if you agree click Start Upgrade


step 7

During the upgrade procedure, you will be presented with various prompts… just agree/enable them and you are good to go.


step 8

The upgrade manager will present you with the obsolete packages that are going to be removed. Just click Remove.


step 9

Once the entire procedure is complete, just click restart.


step 10

After the system restart, visit to check and update any outdated extensions you may have.

Thats it ! Now you can enjoy your fresh new toy !


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