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How to -better- integrate Firefox in GNOME 3

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  • GNOME3 | GNOME 3 theme for Firefox — Previously known as “Adwaita”
  • HTitle | Hide title bar if window is maximized (Only for Gnome3!)
  • FxButton | Change menu and give an opportunity to move “Firefox” button.

You will get all the extensions @

Firefox Before

This is how the default Firefox looks…

Firefox After

And after applying the extensions

Moving Menu Button on Right

Gives a result similar to Nautilus’ Gear Menu

Full Screen and Tabs on Bottom

In full screen mode the title bar is hidden

To display normal mode, we can either drag it from GNOME Shell Panel, or go with shortcuts (Super+Down Arrow). I also put tabs on the bottom. To do that just open firefox configuration


and set

<browser.tabs.onTop> to <false>

as it seems on the previous figure. By the way Firefox needs about to 1min to resolve URLs in my case. If you have the same issue you can try


and set

 <network.dns.disableIPv6> to <true>

That worked for me. Be cautious when you change variables on FF Config, you may  decrease FF security or totally brake it!

How some people think

That is true..

..isn’t it? :)

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