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How to install GNOMEWeb Theme in WordPress

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Install GNOMEWeb in WordPress

Ok, that isn’t very exciting a matter of fact it is a very boring video. I was hopping to get less than 5′ but it actually took me almost 9′!?! Anyway this is the final result.

If you want to learn how you can install WordPress and a Theme in Linux, you can check on it..

Song: Lamass | Sweet Dream

The video is “zzz” and it couldn’t have a better theme song title than “Sweet Dreams” :)

You can get the  GNOMEWeb WP Theme @

WordPress Super Tip ;)

If you don’t want WordPress to ask you for a FTP when you updating just add this on the bottom of <config.php> file.

/*** Updates WordPress without FTP credentials. ***/

A nice tip that Andrea Veri told me!

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  • misterpah pah

    I’ve used & develop wordpress themes and plugins for 2 years now. Only today I discover that wordpress can be updated without any FTP credential. I sincerely thank you both (you & Andrea Veri) for the knowledge !

    • alex285

      WoGue is the first (and only) wordpress I did and I was Googling about FTP thing. All forums refer how to make FTP work (!!) but I never seen this tip, that actually makes things more secure than opening an FTP server!

  • Lex Aleksandre

    There is the possibility of installing a theme like in blogger?

    • alex285

      You are asking if you can install a Blogger Theme in WordPress?

      • Lex Aleksandre

        No. I would like to install GNOMEWeb in Blogger.

        • alex285

          I don’t know the differences in themes between Blogger (I haven’t used it) and WordPress. But I guess it won’t be too hard to port, since there are many themes that runs both in wp and blogger.