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How to get the 18 Gnome Official Backgrounds

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So these are the 18een Gnome Wallpapers 

You will find them in Gnome Git Repo: (click on plain). Everything is on high resolution, but I didn’t find the source files.

Gnome Photos

Gnome Photos is one of these applications that are suitable for new contributors to hack them. It is written in C and is still on early stages so there isn’t much code to read.

If you want to contribute:


Photos, like Documents, Music and Videos, is one of the core GNOME applications meant for find and reminding the user about her content. The internal architecture Photos is based on Documents — the document manager application for GNOME, because they share similar UI/UX patterns and objectives.

Points to remember while hacking on Photos:

+ Avoid unnecessary divergences from Documents. Valid exceptions include changes needed to convert JavaScript idioms to their C equivalents.

+ Share the same set of widgets as Documents, or the other core GNOME applications, as much as possible.

+ Monitor changes in the Documents code base and clone them when relevant.

+ Follow the GNU coding style. To accomodate longer class and method names due to namespace prefixes, line lengths up to 120 characters are allowed.

happy hacking ;)

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  • Aleksandar Jovanov

    That’s all cool and sweat but why C for an app that started its life in 2012?
    There are only two good reasons to use C in gnome today:

    * Core components like GObject ,Gtk, GLib, Clutter and all of them which are needed for GI.
    * Apps that have a very large C codebase like totem or nautilus.

    The first reason is not completely true because St (Shell Toolkit), being a lot newer, could have been done in vala instead of C.
    There is Marlin FM which shows that you can build a new product on a large C codebase (here the case is nautilus)

  • Matt

    Does 18een mean eighteeneen?

    • alex285

      aha, ok I fixed that sorry!