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How to fix the broken GDM in GNOME 3.8 Beta

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Remove run-initial-setup

The issue with GDM is the run-initial-setup file when present. run-initial-setup is only needed to trigger the Gnome-Initial-Setup the very first time you make a F19 installation. I am not aware of any other distro that uses it so far.

You can safely remove that.

$ sudo rm /var/lib/gdm/run-initial-setup

..and have again a working GDM in case you want to make some screens prior to 3.8 release on Wednesday.


A Last Blocker Review

I re-print Matthias’ e-mail as there are more nasty bugs you should know about, and some of them will be fixed in 3.8.1.

Please follow this mailing list for further updates:

From Matthias

3.8.0 is around the corner; time for one last review of the bugs that are currently marked as ‘3.8 target’. I am aware that we’ll probably not get them all fixed in time for next Monday, but it would be great if everybody could have another look, and maybe pick one or two of these to tackle.

= Evolution

  • #693101 maj Hig Linu Evolution NEW IMAPx can vanish and redownload folder summary
  • #694322 nor Nor Linu Evolution NEW Giant GTK warning when connecting to network
  • #686804 nor Nor All Evolution-Da UNCO GOA integration for Google Calendar
  • #695704 nor Nor Linu Evolution-Da NEW gnome-contacts comes up empty here

= gdm

  • #695081 blo Nor Linu gdm UNCO GDM Crashes on login screen if empty file /var/lib/gdm/run-initial-setup is present

= gnome-contacts

  • #695741 nor Nor Linu gnome-contac UNCO contacts is really slow to start

= gnome-desktop

  • #696118 nor Nor Linu gnome-deskto UNCO Causes gnome-settings-daemon to crash when running with Xorg 1.12

= gnome-settings-daemon

  • #695848 nor Nor Linu gnome-settin NEW Backlight doesn’t turn on after I open lid

= gnome-shell

  • #658955 nor Nor Linu gnome-shell UNCO i’m not idle
  • #691987 nor Nor Linu gnome-shell UNCO re-lock screen if we crashed and were restarted
  • #694755 cri Nor Linu gnome-shell UNCO When clicking Activities, #sometimes gnome-shell crashes.
  • #696157 nor Nor Linu gnome-shell UNCO Memory leak when changing background image
  • #696159 nor Nor Linu gnome-shell UNCO Desktop icons move when opening an application
  • #696169 nor Nor Linu gnome-shell UNCO Despite moving mouse in Black Screen(Blank screen), gnome-shell doesn’t switch to unlock screen.


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