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How to Create an Empty Document in Files

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It is a bug ..or not?

For those who don’t know how the special folder “Templates” work it is a bug. For those who know it is a feature.  The majority of people don’t know and this is normal as it is hard to be discovered, so I consider this as a bug.

A typical situation example. I want to create a new file and then rename it to whatever, set an extension and open it which the appropriate application.

Remi G says: (bug #687139)

I use Nautilus 3.6.1 since a couple of days, I like the changes you made in the last development cycle. I only miss one feature : the ability to create a new blank file from the right click context menu.

Here is one example of use case I had before :
Let’s say I want to write a new LaTeX report at “~/Documents/University/Master/CourseX/ProjectY/Report/”. I’ll have to open Latexila, create a new file, select this folder after going through every parent folder and save it… Before I used to create my “Report” folder, a new blank file, rename it with .tex extension and that was it.

This feature is useful when you have a complex folder hierarchy that is painful to go through. You go there once with Nautilus, and you don’t want to do it again with every software you’ll use like Gedit. It’s especially convenient when you have to write source code, makefile or whatever you want at a specific location.

How to

Actually the way to create empty files in Gnome is quite clever. All we need to do is to set some files that act as Templates in our Templates Folder.

If templates is empty we cannot create a new file nowhere. So lets add some files here.

And now we can create not just new files but some predefined templates. Superb :)

The paradox is that we now also have a “Empty Document” option in context menu, which is clearly a bug, but got fixed (some minutes ago) by Cosimo. In my opinion there should be an option for create an Empty Document when Templates is Empty, and remove that when Templates isn’t empty. But anyway!

*PS I was used to delete Templates Folder before I realize what was useful for :)

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  • gnome
    • alex285

      That article is totally BS, sorry :)

    • billtoulas

      Another usual complete hodgepodge of unilateral facts with different time and momentum, that come together to justify the editor’s position.

  • bladyshaman

    Perfect! Keep going that direction! I’m with you Gnome Team!!!

  • Bastian Hougaard

    Never knew that, thanks for the tip!

  • hellzou

    Good to know, thanks.

  • chrys

    Wow, good to Know…

  • chrys

    by the way, Ctrl+Delete is a real annoing usability bug too.

  • Rémi G.

    It’s strange to see my name in a news ;) About this particular use of the template folder, it’s clearly a nice feature… once you know it !

    • alex285

      > once you know it !
      haha.. say again, how long took you to know it? :) And you’re not the only one!

      • Rémi G.

        Actually I’m wondering for how long this feature has been there… I can’t remember the first time I saw this “useless” template folder (that’s what I used to think) !

  • egg
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  • User

    I would blame OMG! Ubuntu! which made their best to trash GNOME and started to claim there’s no Templates support in Nautilus anymore. After that “news” there has been tons of “reviews” and misguided articles spreading the same lies further.

    People should read more woGue and get the facts right.

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  • Edwin Pujols

    They should put a default “Empty File” template somewhere. I think that makes sense: for new users and for users who know about the Templates folder, and wouldn’t change the “intended behavior”.