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How To Burn An Image & Try KF5 Live!

This is video tutorial how to burn images and try various distributions (without Virtualization) with GNOME 3 Disks utility. Just to make it more interesting, I am running KF5 (KDE Frameworks 5, or just KDE5!) which is awesome software and you can try this your selves pretty easily.


KF5 | Ubuntu & Live Images

You can try daily KF5 snapshots with Neon Project PPAs which is based on Ubuntu 14.04. You will find all the details here:

I reckon just to try the live CDs and not mess-up with installing. If you do thought, make it on a new installation and not in your main one.

The password for the ISO, it’s blank.

KF5 | Fedora & Live Images

For using KF5 in Fedora you can add a copr repository. You will find all the details here:

Again, if you want just to see KF5, save your selves from the installation hassle and just grab the Live Images that are based on Fedora Plasma Next.

I didn’t try this ISO, therefore I don’t know if it is working.

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