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How to become a Pixel Pirate!

Bored of being a software developer? Tired of doing “normal” everyday things like going to a university, or fixing weird machinery? You feel like the super high definition un-real world we live in just sucks? Here’s your chance to enter the pixelated world of Piracia and become a mighty Pirate yourself!


Pixel Pirates have all those elements needed to fully encapsulate all Pirate related stereotypes in a refreshingly amusing way. In the same time, it succeeds in looking good no matter the completely outdated pixelated graphics that will make lovers of Terraria melt.

The game begins with you being a captain. You can initially change your looks, your perks, various gameplay parameters that determine the difficulty and some other special abilities. Whatever you do, you will end up on an island that offers everything you’ll need for starters. Food, weapons, crew and parts for your ship.


To begin, you will have to build a raft with what you are given and start your adventure. After you’ve successfully managed to pillage and steal more money from other ships and places, you may buy more parts and build bigger, faster, stronger ships and smash every obstacle between you and eternal fame. You will have to be careful though and take all factors into consideration as health, hunger and morale are dropping dangerously if you don’t pay attention to the essential “details”.


The game has a very enjoyable humoristic atmosphere without really deepening in complicated storylines and dialogs (although there are mystery events, monsters and over 10 hours worth of content already). Sound effects and music play a big part in managing to engulf the players with the atmosphere. I really love the fact that almost every indie game out there excels on this very important sector.

Another very enjoyable game mechanism is the way you can level up your captain and crew and distribute experience points into various different stats that affect other “depended” stats. For example, you can see exactly how much dodge chance increases when increasing agility, or how much your strength grow affects your damage.


Although the game is basically developed by one person collaborating with the creators of Terraria, and although it is still in an early stage of development, it is already a very enjoyable little game that will enchant many of you from the first minute of playing. Although there are many things to consider as a captain in Pixel Pirates, the game is very simple to learn and play and there is also a quick tutorial included that explains all the basics.

Become A Pirate!

The sweet people of Quadro Delta – the studio that develops the game made sure to offer the chance for four lucky woGue readers to become Pixel Pirates! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your G+ or Discus account and I will be using to determine the four people that will win a digital copy of the game on Friday, May 2 – 16:00 EET.

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Chosen Crew Members

It was hard for Captain Random to decide his crew hence the delay, but here are the pirates that are going to sail right away:

  • Iohannes Quon Fabrum
  • Alex Gwost
  • Onuralp Sezer
  • Eric Sonnenberg

And for the case that any of those four flinches, there are the two runner ups:

  • Brian Robles
  • Topo Ruggente

Please send to to reclaim your digital copy. If any of the 4 winners won’t claim it during the weekend, the ship will sail with one or both runner ups on Sunday afternoon.

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  • AliasG

    I wanna win this awesome Game! Saw it on a few Let’s Plays so far and it looks really addictive (:

    Thanks for making such a cool giveaway!

  • Dread Knight

    Bacon! :D

  • Alex Gwost

    I hope is may 2 and not march 2. :D But the game looks totally awesome

    • Bill_Toulas

      You won a copy of Pixel Pirates! Please send to to claim your digital copy

      • Alex Gwost

        Thanks a lot! Although I still didn’t got any answer to my email. Everything alright?

        • Bill_Toulas

          Alex, we never received your email on Please send to us again and I will be happy to send you the key

          • Alex Gwost

            Oh damn. In that case I don’t know what happened. Sorry! I will send you another email from a different email account. Thanks again for the game!