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HomeBank 4.5 beta is out!

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What can I do with it?

HomeBank helps you monitor and manage your personal accounts, expenses, transactions, configure monthly budgets, calculate the balance based on the predefined transactions and income and get statistic reports for both general things, as well as more specific like yearly car cost etc.

Here are some example diagrams with fake and very little data just to get the idea:

What’s new on 4.5 beta?


  • main window, “where your money goes” report
  • main window, anonymize feature
  • account window, new filter on date, type and status
  • account window, label of accoutn displayed
  • account, ability to exclude from any reports
  • account, ability to exclude from account summary
  • budget, warning dialog when no account is configured
  • import assistant, ‘known file’ pattern set by default
  • import assistant, ability to change date format
  • preferences, set a default date order format for import/export
  • preferences, option to append scheduled transaction
  • preferences, a lots of new preferences + reorganized
  • chart, different sets of colours are now available
  • xhb data file format (v0.7)
  • migrated to gtk 2.24 / glib 2.28
  • preference dialog, moved the clear button position
  • homebank, clarified the error load messages
  • homebank, optimized xml
  • homebank, added a visual type of category everywhere (-income/+expense)
  • archive target internal transfer account
  • closed accounts were not excluded from reports
  • #123704 Numpad dot key does not work for french locale
  • #599476 some English terms unclear
  • #726052 Balance report not up to date
  • #740373 ofx import, debit should negate TRNAMT
  • #758281 QIF import shows wrong dates
  • #772233 mouse over piechart sometimes crash
  • #777886 Crash when I click “Select All” in the Balance Report
  • #783787 Fix for a small memleak
  • #793719 csv output: no rounded values
  • #801962 win: Descr field inUpcoming Auto-transactions alters on one entry when mouse-over or near
  • #813789 HomeBank does not import MsMoney-qif-exported files
  • #828947 New Wallet wizard do not treat created wallet as modified
  • #828991 Error message when you decide not to “Save As”
  • #829362 Missing decimal separator with C locale
  • #840245 Closed account on internal transfert selection
  • #850996 Escape key looses changes on “New file” with unsaved data
  • #870023 HomeBank can’t find browser
  • #872185 crashes on qif export
  • #885749 QIF Import shows wrong amount
  • #905277 balance rapport reports wrong amount
  • #926915 transaction modify window sizing problem
  • #942346 internal transactions mixup
  • #987144 QIF Import Error in Financisto
  • #1024907 2 qif export problems that must be fixed
  • #140504 category split for transaction
  • #400010 csv export add support of mm-dd-yy
  • #593435 add subtotals for account list by type or bank
  • #660450 Cash Account hidden from Accounts Overview
  • #688494 limit day for automatic transaction add in the future
  • #787131 Column titles in exported CSV
  • #787134 Exporting to CSV should include all available columns
  • #833614 sorting on category / subcategory in statistics report
  • #856477 improve category dropdown with +/-
  • #886372 Poland in the European country list
  • #1006802 hide reconciled transactions by default

HomeBank 4.5 Beta HomeBank 4.4

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  • Zsolt

    Slightly offtopic, but I really like that wallpaper with the Hungarian Parliament in it. (I’ve found it with TinEye.) :)
    And slightly ontopic: I might give this a go, though I’ve never been too productive with any of these software (including GTD apps, Hamster, etc.).

    • Bill_Toulas

      Check out the whole image :)

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