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Hitler goes mad about Gnome3!

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Ok, and now we got your attention lets do the news! There was another respond to Otte’s post about the future of GTK this time from Jean-François. Will we list every single response to this controversial article? Certainly no, but this time Jean’s post is worth the reading.

His article is titled by: Staring into the Axis’ Abyss: the Railgun map and with more than 3000 words, Jean analyzes some of the “harmed” aspects of Gnome and he actually proposes solutions.

The article is kinda rough and aggressive, you will agree in some of his points, you will disagree on others, the important thing is not loosing your calm :) Below are just some of the points he makes, but there are lot more!

  • Extensions are good. We need more extensions, and better integrated.
  • Making gnome-tweak-tool a core component.
  • Our excellent documentation might need to be more in-your-face.
  • Identify confusion points for your users in your own application
  • Fix our keyboard shortcuts.
  • Desktop development is harder than it should be.
  • Make Python (+ GTK3) the “official” language for our ecosystem
  • How about providing a “GNOME SDK”?
  • Make GTK3 a “compelling” sell.


Jean starts his post by saying “Let’s be honest, this blog post will never be picked up by the usual news sites. News sites don’t care about positive things, it is much more interesting to talk about impending doom“. So he proven wrong on it, on the rest of his talk is up to you to decide, but do not forget to comment on him, if you agree or disagree!

Staring into the Axis’ Abyss: the Railgun map

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  • Philip Witte

    Yes, please fix the default keyboard shortcuts… I always have to manually set them (and one can only be set through gconf) because Alt is an important hotkey in Blender and Inkscape. Super-key should be the default key you hold to move/scale windows.

  • Philip Witte

    wait… why is Python becoming the default language? Javascript is better (IMO) and faster than Python. Why change anyways? What’s the point? Most of the rest of the world is moving towards HTML5/CSS/Javascript for business applications anyways, If a dynamic language has to be used, you should follow that standard.

    • alex285

      They don’t, Jean just proposes..