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Hey, We got a brand new System Settings?!?

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I can’t say much about it (yet), but images are easy explained ;)

I repeat, I do not know yet if these are meant for Gnome 3.6, but if these features are to be included on 360 release.. Wooohooo! :)

*Update: Steneir said “This is simply a setup for animating modal dialogs in“. So I was wrong, apologies ;)

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  • Guest

    The top-down order makes it easier to scan the options for a special thing and is more “gnome like”, but I think its looks not so nice as the old Control Center (maybe they use an effect for changing and moue hover effects (I know, I know, but why a Interface shold not look great?)).
    Is there a type to search feature like Documents it has?
    Why there only three online account things (facebook, google, exchange) wasn’t it four in 3.5.3?
    Are the mockup so implemented or get these second thing to a “normal” modal dialog (not gray the background out, and be in the middle of the window instand of the mac-like modal dialogs (which i think not so good as the modal dialog from the mockup)…)?

    • alex285

      MSN Live missing, but is mockup anyway. I also agree that previous System Setting was nicer. 

  • Simo

    What phone were these screenshots made on?

    • Peeple2

      the yomomma 5000

  • Jimmac

    Please stop making the non-news. This is simply a setup for animating modal dialogs in You’re simply feeding the trolls.

    • alex285

      I am glad you clarified it, not in a very polite way thought!

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  • Liam

    I don’t see how this is feeding trolls.
    I think this layout is better than the current one (though my ideal layout would incorporate the accordion pattern with categories rather than the flat hierarchy).

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