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Hedgewars 0.9.19 bring the freezer!

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Hedgewars is an amazing open source worms clone that has taken huge steps forward surpassing the classic game’s approach offering thrilling action in the turn-based strategy field. The game enjoys a very large community of viciously addicted players that fill the multiplayer lobbies daily.

For those of you who never played neither worms nor Hedgewars, the game is about controlling a group of lovely hedgehogs and leading them to victory by eliminating/killing every member of the enemy group. To achieve this you will have to wisely use your resources that vary in usability. You can choose from a large arsenal of weapons, call the air assault or use special movement abilities. The different morphology of every map and the limitless situations that the random map generator and the many game modes offer greatly add to the complexity, strategic decision value and finally amusement that you get from the game. The following video (showing a previous version) explains a lot:

0.9.19 Change Log

The latest version of Hedgewars brings many new exciting things in all sectors, as happens with every new version release of the game.

The new weapons are always what draws the most attention and this time it is the multi-purpose Freezer weapon. You may freeze your enemies, make ice-bridges over water or just create a slippery path of death with it.


Among other improvements in the weapons sector is the enrichment of the flying saucer with a projectile launcher that can be directly aimed at enemies and even attack from underwater!

Other improvements concern the smarter behavior of the artificial intelligence in some certain situations, more game modes like the extreme Frenzy where each turn lasts one second, more missions, a new weapon set that contains one of everything and new maps! The customization abilities of your hedgehogs reached a galore-point with this version release as 30 new hats where added!


Hedgewars has always been a project that wants to become truly better and develop faster. Every year it takes part in the Google Summer of Code and this year was no exception with two students and their mentors working together for an even better/ more advanced artificial intelligence engine and for the creation of more maps.

To get the game you can either download the source and compile it yourself or use this Ubuntu ppa at your own risk (it is currently not working due to data files package missing).
  Hedgewars Website

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  • Um Nontasuwan

    Cool ! :D

  • Dread Knight

    This game is pretty awesome, good job guys!
    Signed Ancient Beast developer :)