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Happy Xmas with GNOME Shell 3.7.3 Release ;)

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GNOME 3.6 brought many improvements in Shell, but it was mostly the other modules that gain the publicity (bad or good) like Nautilus 3.6. This time, without trying to underestimate the rest of the software stack, everything is about Shell.

While Shell keeps the same philosophy, it gives a completely new experience through its many new features, but most importantly through the usability bug fixes that come mainly from “Every Detail Matters” project. For the people that don’t like this new interface, GNOME 3.8 also brings a more classic desktop, power by its extensions.

GNOME in 2013 will also receive a major boost from the two “new” promising distributions, Ubuntu Gnome Remix 13.04 and Mageia 3, which both release in the first quarter of next year. GNOME Shell will also power the biggest enterprise Linux, RHEL 7. And no matter if Red Hat is the main sponsor of GNOME, they could easily adopt XFCE (or keep going with GNOME2) for their commercial product as they wouldn’t t risk to ship a controversial product to their customers just because they sponsor it.

Linux Desktop isn’t a Canonical World, and for the people that bring the popularity stats to prove the opposite, I guess they shouldn’t had jump at Linux at first place ;)

It’s impossible to refer all the changes that were made in this release in a single post, but there are in this site ..somewhere. I am just going with the change log :)

If you can’t see the bugzilla links bellow, please refresh your browser.

GNOME Shell 3.7.3 Changelog

  • Add ‘No Messages’ label when message tray is empty [Victoria; #686738]
  • Use better icons in Ctrl-Alt-Tab popup [Stéphane; #641303]
  • Show the OSK on the monitor where the focused window lives [Giovanni; #685856]
  • Highlight window clone and caption when hovered [Giovanni, Marc; #665310]
  • Improve login process indication [Stéphane; #687113]
  • Omit empty categories in apps view [Stéphane; #687970]
  • Style panel differently according to mode [Florian; #684573]
  • Make it possible to hide the user name [Matthias; #688577]
  • Consolidate and improve chat connection notifications [Giovanni; #687213]
  • Improve notification scrollbar appearance [Carlos; #688393]
  • Fade scroll view fade near scrolling edges [Jasper; #689249]
  • Add a read-only org.gnome.Shell.Mode property [Debarshi; #689300]
  • Don’t close message tray after using context menus [Giovanni; #689296]
  • Port swipe-scrolling to ClutterPanAction [Jasper, Florian; #689062, #689552]
  • Remember state of ‘Remember Password’ checkbox [Ron; #688039]
  • Improve timestamp format in chat notifications [Carlos; #680989]
  • Improve style of missed-messages counter [Carlos; #686472]
  • Omit connection failure notifications if cancelled by user [Giovanni; #684823]
  • Add window-based Alt-Tab popup [Florian; #688913]
  • Support external session mode definitions [Florian; #689304]
  • Support session-mode-specific extensions [Florian; #689305]
  • Support ‘parentMode’ property in session modes [Florian; #689308]
  • Support a new org.gnome.ShellSearchProvider2 DBus interface [Cosimo; #689735, #690009]
  • Add “windows” to Ctrl-Alt-Tab popup [Jasper; #689653]
  • Port PopupMenu to GrabHelper [Jasper; #689109, #689954]
  • Show headphone icon when headphones are plugged in [Giovanni; #675902]
  • Display (non-app) search results as list [Tanner, Cosimo; #681797]
  • Skip diacritical marks in search terms [Aleksander; #648587]
  • Expose all engine options in input sources [Giovanni, Rui; #682318]
  • Add input source switcher popup [Rui; #682315]
  • Add minimal support for InfiniBand in network menu [Dan; #677150]

Misc bug fixes and cleanups

[Sebastian, Aleksander, Giovanni, Tim, Cosimo, Florian, Matthias, Rui, Lionel, Colin, Piotr, Guillaume, Bastien, Tanner, Carlos, Stéphane, Jakub ]

  • message tray gets shifted up in the overview after expanding a notification #688422
  • (regression) gnome-shell doesn’t re-register NetworkAgent when NetworkManager is restarted #688379
  • MessageTray: fix popping up after there were modals #688750
  • MessageTray: fix closing the right click menu #688771
  • Blank unlock dialog #686800
  • overview window layout issues on additional monitors #688133
  • MessageTray: be explicit about removing tweens #688895
  • WindowOverlay: animate the close button together with the border #688966
  • MessageTray: fix reentrancy when calling out to the grab helper #683986
  • screenshot: support non-absolute paths when saving screenshots #688004
  • extensionSystem: Don’t spam the error log with OUT_OF_DATE errors #689108
  • St: fix computing the theme node #689029
  • Misc fixes to Telepathy chats #683449
  • In the overview, dismissing the run-dialog also closes the overview #688196
  • Add support for external session modes #689304
  • scroll-bar: Remove jitter on the scroll bar when moving the mouse #689243
  • broken hot plug and multi-action notifications #689295
  • shell-app-usage: Fix several problems in xml parsing #689325
  • st-private: Don’t create attr lists if we don’t need them #689400
  • st-box-layout: Always pass on for_width/height #679168
  • st-private: Don’t round-trip through a font-string #689568
  • Revert “st-private: Don’t create attr lists if we don’t need them” #689537
  • switcherPopup: Factor out altTab and ctrlAltTab’s common code #689528
  • Fix asynchronous file loading #689749
  • Missing corners on box-shadow #689789
  • St: recompute all theme nodes when the icon theme changes #689353
  • screen-shield: disconnect from title-changed on destroy #689820
  • extensions in symlinked folders not loading #689868
  • gnome-shell-jhbuild: Allow passing args to gnome-shell #689778
  • messageTray: Don’t add ourselves more than once to CtrlAltTabManager #689959
  • overview: Fix stuck grabs when mashing the overlay-key #688589
  • build: Remove #689955
  • Useless function _setWeekdateHeaderWidth in Calendar class in calendar.js #687250
  • Should depends on pulseaudio 2.0 #689965
  • bluetooth: Update settings desktop file #690046
  • userMenu: Update user name on session mode changes #690049
  • networkAgent: Only unregister if we’ve registered #689884
  • Overview as BoxLayouts #682286
  • extensionSystem: Fix error reporting in Looking Glass / ListExtensionErrors() #690173
  • workspaces-view: make sure to add spacing between view and controls #690174
  • Properly update application icons in dash/application view on icon theme changes #672941
  • Overview padding make dash and windows picker difficult to use on little screens #689876
  • repeatedly lstat()s stylesheet background images from main thread #687881
  • Overview: Make Workspace manage its own padding #690171
  • Animate window destruction #690241
  • ctrlAltTab: Remove a “window” parameter leftover #690312
  • Refactor WorkspaceThumbnail to be independent from WorkspacesDisplay #690175
  • icons in top right corner really close to each other #687955
  • Modal windows disappear in the overview #650843
  • Window thumbnail caption width allocation #688234
  • Handle ‘switch-input-source’ keybinding move #690427

Add to this the GNOME Shell 3.7.2 release..  It is just Epic(A) ;)

And we are just in the middle!

Mutter 3.7.3 Changelog

  • Fix maximized windows jumping to other monitors [Alban; #556696]
  • Add ‘switch-applications’ keybinding [Florian; #688913]
  • Add a convenience method to focus the default window [Jasper; #689652]
  • Increase typical icon size to 96 [Jasper; #689651]
  • Port to XInput2 [Jasper; #688779]
  • Give dynamic keybindings a keybinding action [Florian; #682315]
  • Misc. fixes and cleanups [Jasper, Rui; #688777]

Of course the biggest change here is the port to XI2, thanks to Jasper. You can check some of the benefits for GNOME.

GDM 3.7.3 Changelog

  • Drop dead code
  • Deprecation fixes
  • Compiler warning fixes
  • Change default location of language config file
  • Be more resiliant against hostname changes
  • Fix spew in error path
  • Translation updates

GNOME 3.7.3 Screens

No words :)

gnome373-8 gnome373-7 gnome373-6 gnome373-5 gnome373-4 gnome373-3 gnome373-2 gnome373-1

Congratulations to all contributors!

A small JavaScript

Because the changes were too many and I was to lazy to add all the links on Bugzilla I wrote a small script for that. If you cannot see the links above, you probably need to refresh your browser (3 times Ctrl+F5). If you need such a script, or if I have done something wrong and you can make it better, here it is.

var bugzilla = $('#bugzilla').html();
bugzilla = bugzilla.replace(/#\d{6}|#\d{5}/g, function($1){
  return ('#<a href="' + $1.substring(1) + 
  '" target="_blank">'+ $1.substring(1) +'</a>');

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  • frandieguez

    Awesome release!

  • pictuga

    → bugzilla.replace(/#d{5,6}/g,

    • alex285

      Obviously :)

  • Pierre-Yves Luyten

    Nice review! gnome 3 is starting to looks like gnome 3

  • Brian Robles

    There is a screenshot of a VM inside a screenshot of a VM. Could you have picked a more confusing screenshot? :P

    • alex285

      True, I could make VB fullscreen, but print screen isn’t working that way :(

      • Jeremy Bicha

        You could use gnome-screenshot with a delay. (And you can crop the screenshots you’ve already taken.)

        • alex285

          Indeed, sorry!

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