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Guess who’s back, back again!

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Matthieu – tiheum- James

He was off for long time, however many people forked and continue his work. Well, today tiheum let us a comment:

Actually, some new versions of Faenza and Faience (both icons and GS/GTK themes) are on the way since a few weeks, as I have a little more spare time to spend for them ;)

I hope to release them soon and you will like the new Faience Gnome-Shell theme (which is very different from the initial one, but more consistent with the GTK3 theme I develop).

A brand new Faience Theme? Am I the only one that I got excited about it? :)

install themes online

I believe that the online extension installer is the best part  Gnome 3 -no matter the issues! Just for the story, Jasper St. Pierre is the creator of this and he basically hacks pretty much everything around Gnome 3; Jasper also is a very helpful guy in Bugzilla and Gnome Mailing Lists.

Anyway, the point is that in Gnome some people are thinking to make a respectively to extensions service for Gnome themes. But even if they won’t, we will sooner or later release our theme service, which will be something like that.

Themes in Gnome are hard to discover and harder to install them, why don’t make it easier?

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  • Helmuth Saatkamp

    I just love tiheum work! He always do something beyond the good…
    Glad to hear this news

    • alex285

      The guy is legendary :)

  • Adonis K (Vαяēмēиøš)

    Both news are awesome!
    If you need a web designer/developer for the theme distribution system, i’d like to help.

    • alex285

      Implementation is very simple, server just sends a text file, then client (with a chrome plugin) runs a a script and install themes. I will deploy live in 2-3 weeks and I will upload the code in github, if anyone wants to help.
      The server btw runs Rails 3.2.8 with just some Gems on it. So it can be easily extended.

      • Adonis K. (Varemenos)

        Ohh well, if the development part is so easy then i could help with the designing part. Its up to you

        Really great idea btw

      • foobar

        Have you talked about that on gnomes destkop-devel list? That’s where new stuff get proposed normally.

        • alex285

          After I make an authorization system and I upload a demo, I will send them the plugin if they have time to review it. But I guess they will drop it anyways, because I have it Chrome only. Updating themes directly from Chrome, etc.. Besides right now is nothing but an npapi plugin and I have to find another way to get access to the system.

          • nick

            This would be even better were you to do a firefox add-on. It’s a real shame. Very nice work though!

          • Sriram Ramkrishna

            In general, we aren’t as interested in themes (although they have their place..) GNOME concentrates on making the default as perfect as possible for the general audience. I don’t think we’ve given much thought on themes. That said, it’s great that we have them. It’s a unique component of the GNU/Linux community..

          • airtonix

            at least do something about making them easy to install and discover… i mean you did it or extensions… do it for themes too.

      • Rafael G.

        Hi Alex, I’ll be waiting your repository for forking it :)


        • alex285

          I was planning to release on GitHub just the plugin and not the entire Rails Application. But I guess I will if people are interested to fork it. I am a bit behind thought, coz last month was quite full for me, but I hope I can get it same day as Fedora 18 release!

  • Alfredo Hernández

    Awesome! I’m really looking forward the new icons and theme!

  • Brandon Watkins

    Can’t wait for the new icons and shell theme :) I loved the faeince shell theme.

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