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GUADEC 2014 Registration Is Now Open! Be THERE!

The registration form was online from today’s morning, but GNOME just made the announcement. So what you can watch in GUADEC 2014? GNOME and Wayland story, the future of scene graph in GTK, hardware integration and performance testing in GNOME, the plans for a GNOME IDE and probably there will be a reference to the sandbox & single packaged applications for GNOME ..and much much more!

[caption id="attachment_27301" align="aligncenter" width="640"]guadec-banner Go To GUADEC 2014![/caption]


Are You Around?

Even if you aren’t so interested to watch GNOME’s annual conference, but you’re close to..

[caption id="attachment_27303" align="aligncenter" width="640"]guadec-radius Just 100/150km away![/caption] is a worth to come! The cycles have 100/150km radius and it should be about 1/1.50hrs with a car. About the same time I need to go from my home (North Athens) to the center of city, when has traffic!


Not exactly holidays but my enormous stupidity made me to have to stop for while posting on this blog and dedicate more time in my work. Otherwise I will soon ask donations for surviving! However I’ ll try to keep posting in Google Plus!

By the way, GUADEC should take place in more.. summer-time places, like Mykonos.

This video doesn’t show much of the island, but it was the only video from Mykonos without booze ..& what’s coming inline!

Going to GUADEC or not, have fun & a good time!

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