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GUADEC 2013 schedule announced!

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GUADEC stands for GNOME Users And Developers European Conference and the day the 2013 one will begin is approaching. Users, developers, contributors, members of the board and foundation and generally Gnome-people from all around Europe (and not only), will once again have the chance to meet and discuss about Gnome’s achievements since the last year and the future plans of their favorite desktop environment development.

Thanks to the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) of Brno University of Technology, people will be able to visit the beautiful city of Brno and enjoy the conference and hackfests inside the recently renovated campus that includes a 14th century monastery combining historical and modern architecture.


The schedule includes talks and lectures from many prominent Gnome developers from the 1st till the 4th of August. From August 5th to 8th, the venue will be available for BoFs and hackfests. Also, a newcomers tutorial session will take place just before GUADEC’s core days.





After the core days, hackfests and BoFs will take place till August the 8th. The ideas and proposes include the following but there is no set schedule for these yet:

  • Business around the GNOME eco-system
  • Touch input for the GNOME desktop and application
  • Documentation hackfest
  • Wayland porting next steps
  • Accessibility
  • Friends of GNOME
  • Marketing BoF
  • Web Development BoF
  • App Bundles/Sandboxing
  • XDG Specs/FHS
  • Building generic Tizen image with GNOME Shell

For more information about traveling to Czech Republic and staying in Brno, visit the GUADEC 2013 website.

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  • gunibert

    Is there an attempt to record all of these talks as video?

    • Andreas Nilsson

      Yes. The local organizers have hired a video team to take care of this. Crossing my fingers it will work out this year.

  • Carlos Soriano Sánchez

    The link of “After the core days, hackfests and BoFs ” has to be , 2013! =)
    btw, finally we can know what we will do at GUADEC!

    • alex285