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GUADEC 2012 Program is Published!

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GUADEC program consists of two major parts.First, 4 core days of keynotes and talks (26 to 30 July) followed by 3 days (30 July to 1 August) of BoFs, workshops and hacking sessions for the community to get together and get work done.

Thursday 26/7

Highlight: “The Tor Project: Anonymity online” by Jacob Appelbaum

Friday 27/7

Highlight: “Crowdfunding GNOME Application Development” by Adam Dingle & Jim Nelson

Saturday 28/7

Highlight: “What’s Next? From Open Source to Open Everything” by Alex “Skud” Bayley

Sunday 29/7

Highlight: “The History of GNOME” by Federico Mena Quintero & Jonathan Blandford & Dave Mason

Monday 30/7

Tuesday 31/7

Wednesday 1/8

GUADEC Website

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