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GTK Bridge Theme promises a better GTK2 Apps look in Gnome 3.6!

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Jack (you also might know him from deviant) he was working on Bridge (Adwaita 3.x GTK 2 Port) which is a ‘bridge’ to bring GTK 2 and Qt applications along on your journey to enjoying GNOME 3 with Adwaita.

Showcase in Firefox

I tested the theme in Firefox which uses GTK2. This is the Default Adwaita Theme.

To make this more completed I used also the Adwaita theme for Firefox from Garret LeSage.

With FF theme things are ok.. But we can make it better with Bridge!

I should had printed also the drop down menus  and some more controls, but anyway they mimic GTK3 perfectly :) Great Job!

Bridge In Gnome 3.6

Jack’s work has been committed in Gnome 3.6 by Cosimo, so we get it by default on the next version of Gnome.

Even Jakub Steiner was impressed by this :)

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