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GTK+ 3.9.8 and GLib 2.37.4 released!

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Two new development releases for the unstable branches of GTK+ and GLib+ have arrived a few hours ago. The changes concern the deprecation of GtkStock apis and cleanup of the GtkSettings, as well as the usual extended bug fixing. Some work on the supporting of very high resolution displays also started.

What is?

Both GTK+ and GLib are important cornerstones for the development of our favorite desktop environment. For this reason they are both actively developed by the Gnome community in the same context of the DE’s development plan.

GTK+ is the toolkit that Gnome developers use for creating the graphical user interfaces that we all use daily through Gnome’s official applications and tools. GLib is a general-purpose utility library, which provides many useful data types, macros, type conversions, string utilities, file utilities, a mainloop abstraction, and so on. This library used to be a part of GTK+ itself, but is now developed separately without any GUI related portions.

GTK+ 3.9.8

This version is about throwing away what is not needed any more and cleaning up what is needed. Stock items deprecation begun, but GtkStock apis will continue to work till GTK+ 4. What the need for these items was in the past, and what the reasons for not needing them anymore are you can find in this webpage. Also the, cleanup that was discussed at the recent GTK+ hackfest has started to land with more than 20 settings being deprecated and ignored now. For more details about this check the news file.


GTK 3.9.8 Widgets Factory. Version has just bumped to 3.9.9

The support of very high resolution displays under Gnome has begun with the support for Wayland and the need for Cairo. This means among other that support for scaled windows in the wayland backend including support for different scale factors on different outputs will become reality. Retina display or other similar display owners who use Gnome will soon have the ability to fully enjoy their monitor. For more details about all these, check the following blog post.

3.9.8 changes:

  • Started deprecating GtkStock apis
  • GtkSettings cleanup
  • Initial support for scaled output has been added

Bugs fixed:

  • (#390048) – Entire word search flag
  • (#672271) – File chooser seems over-enthusiastic about using subdirectories
  • (#696498) – Can’t set download folder
  • (#701119) – Error messages when GtkAboutDialog shows license info
  • (#702332) – File Browser: Filter submenu is missing from context menu
  • (#702831) – Shaped GDK windows do not work
  • (#702913) – Reduce hash table lookups in gdk_x11_screen_supports_net_wm_hint()
  • (#702977) – Problem with gtk_text_iter_forward_search(), multi-byte characters, case sensitive
  • (#702981) – GtkListBox docs still refer to GtkListBoxUpdateSeparatorFunc
  • (#702996) – Port to the new private macros and API
  • (#703069) – Opening a big menu activates some menu entry
  • (#703154) – Calling gtk_widget_set_opacity() on an unrealized widget triggers a segfault
  • (#703220) – Memory allocation integer overflow in gdk_cairo_set_source_pixbuf on large pixbufs
  • (#703313) – Improve documentation of the GtkTextView API
  • (#703406) – GtkSearchBar does not automatically connect entry
  • (#703533) – textlayout: avoid double-free when adding preedit color
  • (#703606) – GtkPlacesSidebar should use g_themed_icon_new_with_default_fallbacks()
  • (#703616) – Inconsistent deprecations. GtkIconSet and other classes.
  • (#703618) – listbox: Add function to get the index of a GtkListBoxRow
  • (#703656) – GtkSearchBar: Don’t show a close button by default
  • (#703765) – Build of wayland backend fails when not building X11 backend
  • (#703827) – Confusion in docs for gtk_recent_info_get_modified () and gtk_recent_info_get_visited ()

GTK Website

GLib 2.37.4

This development version brought no changes in GLib limiting the improvements in the following bug fixes.

Bugs fixed:

  • (#701283) – g_source_add_child_source() segfault
  • (#702147) – inconsistency of G_STRFUNC
  • (#703191) – new private macros interact poorly with versioning macros
  • (#703254) – Doc: various fixes
  • (#703407) – g_spawn_async() keeps child_pid_report_pipe open in child process
  • (#703437) – GDBusConnection: be more careful with async GetAll
  • (#703478) – Missing G_BEGIN/END_DECLS in gsettingsschema.h

GLib Website

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  • epsi

    How about official win32 build status? Will there be any windows port for gtk based application?

    • Mike Manilone

      Fedora and OpenSUSE has MinGW{32,64} port of GTK+. I don’t know if anyone would like to use that… This site [1] has prebuilt GTK+ for Windows too. (However the feedback doesn’t sound good.)