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GTK+ 3.9.6 and GLib 2.37.3 released!

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Two development releases for the unstable branches of GTK+ and GLib+ have arrived paving one more little portion of Gnome’s road to the future. The releases concern both the addition of new features and abilities and the fixing of existent bugs.

What are they?

Both GTK+ and GLib are important cornerstones for the development of our favorite desktop environment. For this reason they are both actively developed by the Gnome community in the same context of the DE’s development plan.

GTK+ is the toolkit that Gnome developers use for creating the graphical user interfaces that we all use daily through Gnome’s official applications and tools. GLib is a general-purpose utility library, which provides many useful data types, macros, type conversions, string utilities, file utilities, a mainloop abstraction, and so on. This library used to be a part of GTK+ itself, but is now developed separately without any GUI related portions.

GTK+ 3.9.6

This version of GTK+ naturally takes care of various bugs that 3.10 should live without. Furthermore, it includes some improvements that concern the GtkListBox vertical container that was introduced in the previous version.

3.9.6 changes:

  • GtkListBox – Handle double-clicks properly
  • GtkListBox – Add an example in gtk3-demo

Bugs fixed:

  • (#390048) – Patch that adds a new flag, GTK_TEXT_SEARCH_TEXT_WHOLE_WORD, to Gtk Text Search Flags.
  • (#560337) – GtkFileChooser hour time missing for current date files
  • (#649390) – CRLF text is copied to clipboard as CRCRLF on Windows
  • (#679930) – gtk_builder_add_* should not use GError
  • (#698183) – Text input is too slow and some keys are broken after changing input source
  • (#701174) – Update misleading filechooser documentation
  • (#702598) – Invalid read of size 4 in gtk_icon_info_get_embedded_rect
  • (#702695) – typo: “and thus will thus”
  • (#702763) – ellipsize placeholder text

GTK Website

GLib 2.37.3

2.37.3 changes:

  • Add a new API for instance private data: G_DEFINE_TYPE_WITH_PRIVATE
  • Fix timestamps in tarball to prevent automake from being required to build the unmodified source
  • Add new D-Bus API for async property handling
  • Add back fsync() on ext4 for g_file_set_contents() after it was discovered that despite statements in the ext4 documentation suggesting that this is safe, it is not safe.

Bugs fixed:

  • (#698375) – D-Bus async properties
  • (#700350) – timestamp issue
  • (#701560) – fsync issue (fixed again)
  • (#700035) – new API for instance private data

GLib Website

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