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GTK 3.7.2 Release ..and Widget Factories

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Changelog GTK+ 3.7.2

  • Improve touch text handle theming
  • Always draw background of menuitems
Geometry management
  • Size groups now handle height-for-width
  • Fix corner cases in label size allocation
  • Make entry icons accessible
  • Don’t add duplicate bookmarks
  • Remember sidebar width
Wayland: Build against wayland-client 1.0


This is GTK 3.7.2, [3] is just the version bump right after 3.7.2 release

Bug Fixes

  • #524295 remember the file chooser side pane’s position
  • #577806 gtk_file_chooser_add_shortcut_folder adds duplicates…
  • #677609 GtkSizeGroup regression in GTK+ 3.3.20
  • #683896 Clean up global resources when the display is closed
  • #686021 spinner animation should not be subject to enable-an…
  • #686347 Clickable icons are not accessible as children of te…
  • #687059 icon-theme: support loading symbolic GFileIcons from…
  • #687196 filesystemmodel: invalidate nodes on file remove
  • #687467 Commit “Implement proper cross-fades for gradients” …
  • #687842 Support partially transparent widgets
  • #687872 Segfault when attempting to get character extents fo…
  • #687977 icon-theme: Add some preconditions for NULL arguments

GTK Widget Factory

Jimmac is working to a new Widget Factory that includes the new widgets of GTK. These are just mockups, but this is how they look like.

Gnome JavaScript

One reason that Gnome Shell 3.8 has a huge development, bigger than any previous release is because the number of *regular* contributors has increased. But there is also some work not direct but in the infrastructure of Gnome Shell.

Giovanni Campagna made some nice clean ups in GJS (#679688, #612033) and he is working to some API changes that will reduce memory consumption and hopefully will speed up Gnome Shell ..and not only. GJS is used by many major applications, like Documents.

Giovanni observed a marked difference (up to 30/40 MB) in gnome-documents. These patches are still under review.

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