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GTK 3.6 Release

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GTK 3.6 Changes from 3.5.18

  • Add support for blur to CSS shadows
  • 679883 When printing Custom paper sizes GTK Print Dialog…
  • 684258 Crash when calling gtk_application_set_menubar twice
  • 684606 GtkMenuButton: implement rtl flipping
  • 684607 GtkSearchEntry: flip the clear icon in rtl

Fix style context path for internal buttons

All versions Changelog

What’s New in GTK 3.6

  • GtkSearchEntry: a GtkEntry subclass that is set up to  be a search entry
  • GtkMenuButton: a button that pops up a menu. The menu can be  generated from a GMenu or provided manually
  • GtkLevelBar: a new widget for displaying the strength or  level of some quantity

Other improvements:

  • Spin buttons can be oriented vertically
  • Text views and entries can display ‘selection handles’ when  used with touch devices


  •  Support for cross-fading and transitions
  •  Support for CSS animations
  •  Support for blur shadows

GTK 3.6 Announcement

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  • Mike Manilone

    Awesome! I was waiting for GtkSearchEntry and GtkMenuButton for a long time. Can’t wait to use them!