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GTK 3.5.18 with new functions and fixes!

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What’s new on this release?


  • Support namespaces for actions
  • Allow submenus to have actions for opening
  • New function: gtk_menu_shell_bind_model


  • Parse and support CSS animations
  • Support cross-fading and transitions


  • Adjust scrollbar and scale behavior according to platform

Bugs fixed:

  • 643611 Leak on gail_widget_get_description
  • 658694 GtkAssistant: Unable to change current page in prepare…
  • 670390 -GtkMenuBar-shadow-type: none disables background inst…
  • 671786 Glade XML files cannot set an ImageMenuItem accelerato…
  • 674108 Hard crash due to wrong NSAutoreleasePool stacking
  • 676890 GtkButton are still highlighted after removing them fr…
  • 677559 argument of Gdk.Keymap.map_virtual_modifiers is not co…
  • 680962 GtkMenuButton doesn’t display accelerators when used w…
  • 682630 GMenuModel attribute for an action to toggle on submen…
  • 682831 gtkmodelmenu: expose API for action namespace
  • 683474 Print dialog lists custom paper sizes twice for “Print…
  • 683627 Memory leak in style_data_lookup
  • 683718 box: Fix typo
  • 683738 Simplify GtkApplicationWindow accel handling
  • 683874 Load settings.ini also from XDG_CONFIG_DIRS
  • 683896 Clean up global resources when the display is closed
  • 684038 togglebutton: always set PRELIGHT state when in_button…
  • 684076 clean up a11y on shutdown
  • 684096 GtkWidget:drag-data-received code sample refers to rem…
  • 684156 fontchooserwidget: scroll to the currently selected row

And many translation updates…

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  • Fitoschido

    Well, I hope they stop introducing useless single-usecase widgets, because they will eventually deprecate them after the world discovers them. Links to the bugs would be a nice touch, BTW ;-)

    • Bill_Toulas

      Nicely touched :)

  • Aleksandar Jovanov

    Does any theme support these CSS transitions? (I suppose adwaita does, but others?)