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GTK 3.6 will bring exciting improvements!

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The most important GTK 3.4 improvements are the support for most of the properties of the CSS3 backgrounds and borders family, linear gradients and the long requested inactive windows theming feature, which is showcased in GNOME 3.4.


What is coming round the corner is the implementation of support for transitions and CSS animations that will make GNOME 3.6 look cooler than ever!

Another feature that will be in GTK 3.6 is support for multiple layers of background images for a single element, as specified by CSS3; in other words, where you could only render a gradient or a solid color before, you can now render an unbounded set of images and patterns. If you combine this with the other CSS3 background properties, and transitions, the possibilities of what you can do are basically endless!



The tools of creation are equally important with the imagination and the creativity of the developers, and it is great to see that the tools are getting more and more improved and enriched giving GNOME developers more power and less limitations.

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  • Wont

    Smooth scroll please…

  • David

    Too bad that in contrast to the GNOME developers, the GNOME users are getting more and more impoverished tools giving them less power and more limitations.

  • Moez Bouhlel

    look very cool, but there  are many missed futures in GTK that they are availible in others API, for ex support for tabs in title bar and many other

    • Craig

      Who cares? Anyone can make themself busy doing nothing. Having all the features in the world isn’t important unless they’re actually of some value. GTK is becoming more refined and focused on what matters.

  • Liam

    We’ve already got smooth scroll.

  • George

    wasn’t  much simple to allow html render in background – then we would have widgets in javascript, transitions or flash plugins.
    Why are they doing this? who cares on what the heck happens on background? when all my screens are almost all the time full with browser, editors, or whatever application we use.
    Why are they not concerning on something really useful?

  • Martin

    I would rather like woblly windows – I missing them so much….

    • Craig

      Gnome Shell runs on Clutter, which is essential a scene graph library. It shouldn’t be too difficult for someone who cares enough to write it. Compiz is an absolute mess of C++ spaghetti nonsense, which is not at all worth maintaining, even for wobbly windows.

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