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GTK+ 3.13.4 Release!

Yet another fantastic GTK+ release landed and landed early! With GNOME 3.13.4 to be released in July 21, GTK+ made a surprise and bumped in 3.13.4 yesterday!

So far GTK is stealing the glamour from Shell, but Shell will strike back soon with its brand new notification design, gestures support and probably some extra animations, things we will probably know a little bit before GUADEC in start of August.

[caption id="attachment_27261" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gtk3134-1 GTK improvements of course improve every GNOME App![/caption]

Bug fixes, new functions, some deprecations, gestures support (touch), better Wayland support, the shiny (& always getting better) new inspector, and of course the awesome revamped theme, provide the backdrop so far. Specially in the case of theme, there is professional art work that’s easily compared with the very best you will find out in the commercial world.

Not everything is perfect in GTK, like the poor documentation (except C), the unstable ABI, missing features like the ability for making easily custom interfaces, or the hard to use GTK web-container, but major improvements are scheduled to arrive by the next year, that will transform GTK in a modern toolkit. Modern means easy, fast & fun development :)

[caption id="attachment_27260" align="aligncenter" width="640"]gtk3134-2 Widget factory, Inspector and Sushi.. Totally irrelevant Sushi here![/caption]

Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.13.3 to 3.13.4


  • Adwaita is much more complete
  • Shadows, reliefs and frames in GtkScrolledWindow, GtkViewport,
  • GtkButton, GtkEntry, GtkFrame, etc are now translated to style classes and themed


  • gtk_application_prefers_app_menu is a new function to facility adapting UIs to platform expectations
  • GtkApplication now tries to load menus from resources in the resource path that is defined by GApplication
  • GtkApplication set up a resource path for loading icons as well


  • Scrolling in response to user input (scrollbar clicks, keynav) is now animated
  • The displacement animation has been replaced edge gradients


  • The orientation is now changed on the fly to make the popup fit into small windows


  • Activity mode progress is now smooth

Client-side decorations:

  • The default button layout includes minimize and maximize again
  • Dialogs are no longer using client-side decorations when use-header-bar is unset


  • GTK+ now ships a simple icon theme browser, gtk3-icon-browser


  • Can change hi-dpi scale on the fly
  • Can simulate touchscreen at runtime
  • Shows style properties
  • Ctrl-Shift-I selects the widget under the pointer
  • Property editors show property and settings bindings


  • Always use CSD under Wayland
  • Avoid a crash on pointer-less systems
  • Context menus work now

Deprecations, removals:

  • GtkWindow no longer supports resize grips
  • builtin icons have been deprecated in favor of loading icons from resources

Bug Fixes

  • #484640 Improve double click handling in GtkIconView
  • #618852 gtk_text_iter_forward_visible_cursor_position does not move to end…
  • #629129 gtk_text_iter_forward_visible_cursor_position is VERY slow
  • #672676 evince doesn’t permit to print more than 100 copies at once
  • #680885 GtkColorButton color swatch suboptimal when color ~= background color
  • #710449 Invalid memory access in “gdk_x11_window_set_opacity” on 64bit pla…
  • #722092 Add GtkApplication resources support
  • #722633 Remove separators from font chooser and file chooser
  • #724084 Provide .error .warning .question classes for GtkEntry (not legibl…
  • #726566 GtkEntryCompletion should emit signal for “no-suggestions” case.
  • #729620 De-uglify GtkCalendar
  • #730730 scrolling is broken when sharing adjustments
  • #730893 Dialogs use headerbars even when DialogsUseHeader is unset
  • #731158 gtkbookmarksmanager.c: save_bookmarks, silly strlen
  • #731297 Get rid of overshooting window/animation
  • #731463 Styling of last column header does not apply to treeview-like cust…
  • #731711 GtkLabel forwards button-press-event after showing a context menu
  • #732134 consider using an alternate durations for transitions of button pr…
  • #732206 wayland: crash with touch but no pointer
  • #732229 Buttons in menus in popovers – alignment and spacing issues
  • #732256 Add a flat style class and use it for flat buttons
  • #732298 adwaita — progress bars indistinguishable from selected list row
  • #732330 Sort *_DEBUG values alphabetically
  • #732433 Typos in common questions
  • #732441 Selected text background is nearly transparent
  • #732443 Inspector hide and seek
  • #732454 Build error: return_exposes not defined in gdkevents-win32.c due t…
  • #732494 issues active buttons in popovers
  • #732667 cursor blink settings not fully undeprecated
  • #732681 Docs: make GtkWidget:margin-start and margin-end clearer
  • #732861 GtkImage surface documentation incomplete
  • #732894 icontheme: Use correct URI for icons in resource paths
  • #732900 textview calls gtk_widget_set_allocation() on children out of ::si…
  • #732933 horizontal autoscrolling broken
  • #732970 Unselectable GtkLabels with links get the wrong initial cursor
  • #732991 gtk_drag_anim_timeout change the user widget and never restore it
  • #733027 GtkStack doesn’t render a background
  • #733076 Handle resolution changes in the GDK backend code
  • #733092 inspector: Do not accidentally change tab in the object notebook
  • #733099 Regression: gtk_window_set_title() no longer sets header bar title
  • #733112 GtkListBox: Add a ::activatable property for rows

And all these are just for a single release! You can see all the previous changelogs at:

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