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gThumb 3.1.4 – mature “native” choice

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User interface

gThumb’s interface is very simple to understand and get started with. The application offers a tree view on the left, from where you can choose the destination of your photographs and view them on the right. The top panel houses navigation buttons, view toggling, zoom, tools, sharing and editing options, while also some more details about the selected photograph.


Apart from the local disk, gthumb also offers the ability to import from a connected camera device and from version 3.1.3, it can import photos from your Facebook account!

Edit and conversion tools

Every photo browser and viewer out there should offer at least basic edit and conversion abilities for the simple everyday needs of the user. Thankfully, gThumb does that in the most simple way possible.


Easily convert to JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF and Google’s webP. Not every possible format, but certainly all that simple users may need

By pressing the top right button, you are allowed to do some basic image editing on the selected photograph.


Cropping, Red eye removal, resize and adjusting colors are all that most users are going to need for some simple editing

If you need more advanced editing options and tools, you can always right click the image and open it with gimp straight from gThumb! You can also set it as background, copy/paste, delete and basically anything you could do if you were browsing the files from Nautilus (Files).


Photo info

More detailed information about your photographs can provide you with the data you need to determine how you could do better, what are the settings that are chosen automatically by your camera, what are the limits of your equipment and even dig up some lost and/or forgotten info about when/how and with what camera a photograph was taken.

gThumb will show you RGB or single channel histograms for the selected photo, and also can provide detailed info about things like the exposure time, the ISO used, the focal length and the shutter speed.



Network uploading

Being able to instantly upload any of your photographs straight from gThumb to internet services like image hosting or social networks is a very important thing and one that gThumb won’t let you down on.

Offering one-click upload (after you have configured your account) to Flickr, Facebook, 23, Photobucket and Picasa, gThumb is the ideal little buddy to help you quickly arrange, edit and upload anything you want, almost anywhere you want it.



gThumb is not the professional can-do-it-all application that will offer everything that anyone out there may need, but it is a very simple to use photo viewer and browser, that can become a useful tool that will save you time and effort.

I know that most users out there don’t need the advanced tools and options that gimp offers, and why waste your time opening a browser to do the uploading of your photographs on various web services? Use gThumb and do it all easily and fast!

  gThumb Website

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