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GStreamer Conference talks

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Keynote – GStreamer – The road to version 1.0

Wim Taymans focuses on the new 1.0 version of GStreamer and provides a final summary of the changes and improvements. He also talks about the plans from now on.

Keynote – GStreamer Status Report

Tim-Philipp Müller is the maintainer and release manager for GStreamer 0.10.x. This talk will give you a whirlwind tour of what’s new and improved in and around GStreamer over the course of the last year.

Here is the list of all the available talks:

  • OpenGL and Mesa Development (watch)
  • The Opus Audio Codec (watch)
  • GStreamer Base Classes (watch)
  • Wayland (watch)
  • ALSA Project status update (watch)
  • Case Study – Development with GES (watch)
  • Playing in the Sandbox – GStreamer Security (watch)
  • Multiroom Playout (Home Area Entertainment) (watch)
  • Gstreamer for Large-Scale Scientific Signal Processing (watch)
  • Gstreamer and DMABUF (watch)
  • Gstreamer Status Report (watch)
  • Improving Gstreamer quality (watch)
  • Current Status of Android enablement (watch)
  • GStreamer streaming server (watch)
  • CPU, Memory and Latency – Profiling and Optimizing GStreamer (watch)
  • The Gstreamer SDK (watch)
  • Debuging Gstreamer Pipelines (watch)
  • GStreamer 1.0 (watch)

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  • Philip Witte

    It was awesome seeing L4D2 running in Gnome Shell in the OpenGL/Mesa video :)