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GStreamer 1.0.3 Release ..with many Bug Fixes!

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GStreamer Core 1.0.3

Features of this release

  • bufferpool: fix deadlock
  • baseparse: forward stream-start event in push mode, fixing issues with streamsynchronizer
  • basesink: reset START_TIME when needed, fixing position reporting after seeking beyond end

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 666053 : baseparse: prevent excessively high memory usage with large streams
  • 687896 : bufferpool: deadlock in GstBufferPool
  • 688477 : inputselector: fix clock leak in wait_running_time
  • 688511 : Windows compilers without pthreads still have testrtpool.c being built in tests
  • 688655 : baseparse: stream-start events not sent in push mode
  • 685870 : Regression with position when seeking beyond the media duration

Release notes for GStreamer 1.0.3

GStreamer Base Plugins 1.0.3

Features of this release

  • typefind: detect isml ftyp as iso-fragmented video/quicktime
  • typefinding improvements fixing playback of some wavpack files
  • textoverlay rendering fixes
  • gobject-introspection annotation fixes

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 686276 : rtsp: http tunneling does not work
  • 687030 : ogg: crash checking header of empty ogg packet
  • 687055 : exiftag: fix use after free and memory leak
  • 687057 : vorbistag: fix memory leak
  • 687421 : GstRTSPConnection: a number of methods not annotated correctly
  • 687459 : textoverlay:forward allocation queries instead of discarding
  • 687473 : rtspconnection: remove extra ‘return’
  • 687620 : GstRTSPMessage: fix GI annotations
  • 687666 : textoverlay: aborts when shading is enabled but not supported for the current video format
  • 687674 : typefinding: some WavPack files are mis-detected as AAC and fail to play
  • 687991 : videodecoder: add getter for QoS proportion
  • 687994 : rtsp: missing g-i annotation for gst_rtsp_message_set_body
  • 688151 : pbutils missing description for Opus codec
  • 686841 : pango: fix shadow text color

GStreamer Good Plugins 1.0.3

Features of this release

  • rtspsrc: numerous improvements
  • build fix for gst-plugins-base installed in non-default prefix
  • multifilesink: post messages in max-size mode as well
  • vp8dec: improve robustness on decoding errors, e.g. for videocalls over RTP

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 639420 : RTSP setup, add client_ports
  • 686837 : imagefreeze: improve caps negotiation
  • 686985 : [pulsesrc] Assertion ‘m’ failed at pulse/thread-mainloop.c:166, function pa_threaded_mainloop_lock(). Aborting.
  • 687013 : auparse,level,videocrop,y4m,caca: Fix missing GST_PLUGINS_BASE_LIBS dependency in
  • 687154 : examples: error in level plugin example code
  • 687330 : videobox, videomixer: height obtained using _WIDTH macros
  • 687464 : speexdec: Don’t unmap or finish_frame an invalid GstBuffer
  • 688382 : rtspsrc doesn’t work with the interleaved protocols

GStreamer official page @

Get GStreamer SDK from

Of course GStreamer isn’t only about Gnome or Linux. It is a popular Cross-Platform Multimedia Framework also used with success in Windows and Mac. Therefore there are also updates for the non open source Ugly, Bad and libav Plugins.

GStreamer Ugly Plugins 1.0.3

Features of this release

  • cdio: try to handle CD-TEXT in non-UTF8 encodings
  • xingmux, siddec, dvdlpcmdec and dvdsubdec fixes

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 686931 : siddec does not reset total_bytes when state is set to stopped
  • 687192 : dvdsubdec: allocates buffer 4 times the size needed
  • 687927 : xingmux: doesn’t compute the right number of frames

GStreamer Bad Plugins 1.0.3

Features of this release

  • mpegtsmux: fix DTS/PTS confusion
  • tsdemux, tsparse: seeking fixes
  • tsdemux, tsparse: fix timestamping with push-based input
  • h264parse: fix PPS insertion
  • mpg123audiodec: fix leaks from not chaining up in the finalize function

Bugs fixed in this release

  • 686871 : A number of errors in directsoundsrc
  • 687178 : tsdemux produces buffers without timestamps when activated in push mode
  • 687806 : mpegtsmux: Fix PTS being incorrectly created
  • 688091 : tsdemux: multiple seeking-related fixes
  • 688626 : codecparsers: vc1: fix PTYPE for interlaced frames
  • 688510 : d3dvideosink: ” DECLARE_INTERFACE_IID_ ” redefined compiler warning

Release notes for GStreamer Bad Plugins 1.0.3

GStreamer libav Plugins 1.0.3

Features of this release

  • avcodecmap: Y41B is YUV411P, not YUV410P

No bugs were fixed in this release

Release notes for GStreamer libav Plugins 1.0.3

GStreamer is one of the most significant Open Source Projects, and a better GStreamer means pretty much a better Gnome :)

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