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GSoC brings Pagination in Shell Overview

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One of the most controversial features that is being discussed since Gnome Shell 3.4 is back again through the ideas page of this year’s Google Summer of Code. Pagination alongside with Application Folders is a great way to replace the categories shown in the applications menu that seems to be problematic although many users are naturally fond of.


What pagination will bring for the users is the ability to order their applications in pages. The benefit of the pagination over continuous scrolling would be spatial memory of where launchers are and better working with the new folders. I am personally very much pleased to see that the pagination is already confirmed on this year’s GSoC as it was in 2012 but never happened.

Other things that will (hopefully) come with it in the applications menu sector are the transition animations and maybe a way to edit folders from the overview.

Gnome will once again take part on this year’s Google Summer of Code in an attempt to benefit from the work of young and inspired developers that will get paid from Google to accelerate and generally help the growth of our favorite desktop environment through the summer, while also becoming members of the wonderful Gnome community and maybe continue contributing to the project!


Many ideas are already confirmed while many others are still under discussion as the students that want to participate have 13 days left to apply for their project of interest. If you are interested in participating you should take a look here.

Among the many other interesting ideas that are already confirmed are the port of color management to Wayland, Tweak Tool UI refresh, huge improvement plans for Gnome Boxes, better workflow in multi-monitor scenarios, implementation of Caret and Focus Tracking for GNOME Shell that has been bumping version goals for some time now and the design of a new 3.10 application that will be Gnome Music. A more detailed article about everything regarding Gnome on 2013 GSoC will come as soon as students, mentors and projects selection is over.

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  • kostaskaz

    Despite being a ripoff from mobile OSes, which for good or for worse have been driving UI innovations for a while now, I can’t see much inherently wrong with that approach, especially in comparison with the current implementation.
    On a sidenote, I’d love you guys to sum up what’s being planned for the multimonitor support as it is a major area that has been neglected.

  • foobar

    I actually think pages might be a good thing as long as I can switch to the next one with key-up and key-down.