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GSettings 3.11.4 Brings Application Folders Support!

Finally GNOME will let us to create custom application folders in Shell!


GNOME Shell 3.10 | Application Folders

#720698Matthias Clasen says:

This schema is needed for gnome-shell and gnome-software to communicate about application folders, which are configured in gnome-software and displayed in gnome-shell.

The idea is to be able to create custom application folders in GNOME Shell, thought GNOME Software. Some hooks are already in Shell and Software, but there isn’t any user interface implementation yet. Hopefully that should be ready for 3.12, but even if it isn’t, we would be still able to create Apps folders from GSettings.


Org.Gnome.Desktop.App-folders.Children schema accepts an array. You can see the XML Schema on Git.

Whats Next?

Are you a bit disappointed? Did you want to arrange folders directly from Shell? Oh wait, that will happen!

Bastien Nocera blocked the first patch, because:

This implementation would break the day we choose to implement live app folders editing in gnome-shell, or if we want to setup locked down folders. So I’m not going to accept that implementation.

That block leaded to a second patch and a more efficient solution. Of course that won’t happen in 3.12, but Shell is designed to accept this feature in the future, maybe in 3.14.

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