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gPodder podcast management

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First time you run gPodder, you are allowed to choose what way you want to add your favorite podcasts. You can either enter a URL, import from OPML file, or choose from gPodder’s directory. I chose TED and Linux Outlaws for some testing and was offered a comprehensive list of the latest episodes with some details about them included too.



gPodder can check for new episodes of the selected podcasts, mark episodes as old, automatically search every a set period of time and even auto-download them. It also offers some functions that I consider to be welcome extras and are achieved thanks to the powerful extensions that are included.

Among them I distinguish the TED videos subtitle downloader, the abilities to auto-convert and auto-rename downloaded files, the ability to show a status icon for Gtk-based Desktops and the enqueue option for media players.


gPodder won’t play anything by itself, but instead it will launch the chosen application for the kind of file downloaded when pressing that Play button found on the top panel. You can choose from whatever is installed in your system, and even choose what kind of video (size, quality, format) you want to get when downloading a video file.

It even allows Flattr users to flattr their favorite podcast every time they listen to the episode. Syncing with connected devices is also supported and very useful of course. Get gPodder now and never miss the latest episode of your favorite podcast!

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