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Goodmorning Gnome 3.8 with Gnome Shell 3.7.1 Release!

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Gnome Shell 3.7.1 Changes

The 3.7.1 tag announced as always by Florian Müllner.

  • Add shortcut to open application view directly [Jeremy; #685738]
  • Expose ‘<Super>F10’ shortcut in System Settings [Florian; #672909]
  • Clean up timestamp format in chat notifications [Carlos; #680989]
  • loginScreen: Add support for ‘disable-restart-buttons’ [Florian; #686247]
  • Update textures automatically on file changes [Florian; #679268]
  • Implement org.gnome.ScreenSaver.GetActiveTime [Giovanni; #686064]
  • Add missing translations for GSetting schema [Giovanni; #686413]
  • Hide workspace switcher completely when it’s not necessary [Seif; #686483]
  • Explicitly load gnome-screensaver when not running GDM [Tim; #683060]
  • Port to GnomeIdleMonitor [Jasper; #682224]
  • Set Empathy as preferred handler when delegating channels [Xavier; #686296]
  • Allow testing GDM login dialog from the session [Giovanni; #683725]
  • Use all available space for windows in window picker [Jasper, Pierre-Eric; #582650]
  • Use logind for suspend if available [Florian; #686482]

Misc. fixes and cleanups [Jasper, Florian, Adel, Rui]

  • js: Don’t use clutter_actor_get_children unnecessarily | #677426
  • Bunch of assorted changes | #680426
  • Error message in ‘Run’ should use a symbolic icon | #686233
  • autorunManager: Stop erring on the side of caution for network mounts | #686241
  • Drop calls to g_type_init() | #686318
  • messageTray: Remove hack for the lack of negative units in libcroco | #686240
  • userMenu: Hide menu immediately before suspending #686484
  • Clean up workspacesView a bit #686002
  • When there’s only one user, pressing enter should trigger the password text dialog |  #684650
  • workspacesView: Fix some errors in code paths for non-default settings | #686487

Regarding “Add shortcut to open application view directly”, that already works in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome with 3.6. Super+A Opens Apps Overview. Other Distros should go “Super” and then Ctrl+Alt+Tab.

By the way the new Keyboard  Shortcuts (that basically replace Alt with Super) is possible (but not sure yet) to land in Gnome 3.8. Such changes can be made only once :)

Florian also announced the Mutter 3.7.1 release ..and he actually made the one and only commit :)

  •  screen: Ignore num-workspaces when using dynamic workspaces [Florian; #685439]

Question | What is Gnome?

This is a tricky question. Is it Ubuntu (and Mint) a Gnome with a different Shell? If I install Unity or Cinnamon in Fedora, would be still called a Gnome Desktop? This is where the Gnome OS definition comes to replace Gnome Desktop.

Lately people tend to refer on Gnome Shell as Gnome, which isn’t either correct (Gnome consists from about 120 modules, GS is just one of them), but isn’t either wrong (Ubuntu has many Gnome modules but still isn’t Gnome because doesn’t use GS).

I think that Gnome Shell had such a huge impact that overcome the Gnome itself. So I guess is alright to spend more time in Gnome Shell ;)

Hmm ..What Reminds me?

Gnome Cast …

Futurama Cast

Spot 10 differences and win ..various prizes :)

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  • Brian Fagioli

    Is there a way to install this?

    • Dennis

      I think in order to install you just need to update after you adding ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3

    • alex285

      You can use:
      But 3.7.1 is the “pre-alpha” version of 3.8 and meant for testing purposes only. Gnome 3.7.x can be found on Ubuntu 13.04 and Fedora Rawhide.

      • alex285

        Oh also note that this will brake extensions and themes, so don’t do it :)

    • Michael Mistretta

      Just fair warning, I had the Gnome 3 Testing PPA enabled and it upgraded to this and broke all my extensions and theme.. doing a PPA-Purge was not pretty and I had to reinstall UGR 12.10. : |

      • alex285

        :) ..someone else *here* also had the same issue.. and he is re-installing now ahahah! I disabled ricotz when jumped to 3.6.1 :)

        • Michael Mistretta

          Linux Desktop Lesson #1, keep critical files and home directories on a separate partition. ;)

    • user

      I usually use jhbuild. If you want try something more fancy you could try OSTree.


      • alex285

        I’m downloading the whole Gnome (5-6 hours now and is on middle) with jhbuild. But I prefer Fedora Rawhide (in VB) to see the new things :)

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