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GOA Now Supports “LOGIN” Authentication In IMAP/SMTP

This is a fix for bug ( #958338 ). GNOME Online Accounts ( GOA ) since now they were only supporting PLAIN and no LOGIN authentication method for IMAP/SMTP connections.

Debarshi Ray ( #720262 )

Currently we only implement the SMTP AUTH PLAIN extension. It is widely supported by mail servers so it is good enough for the vast majority of users. More importantly that is supported by all the servers that I have access to.

However, there have been complaints ( #958338 ) from those who are stuck with a server that only does AUTH LOGIN. Recently I have been granted a test account on such a server. So lets make those users happy by implementing it.

I have not been able to locate an RFC for this. The best I have been able to come up with is this document from Microsoft.

This module is exported to DBus so Evolution can use it.


Additionally Google and Windows Live Accounts have now “smtp-auth-xoauth2set to TRUE in GOA Provider. These changes are for the upcoming GNOME 3.12.

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