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GOA gain Microsoft Exchange support!

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After Gnome’s skyDrive support in Documents another module gains some Microsoft sensation. This time is Gnome Online Accounts which comes with a Microsoft Exchange support!

It feels like Microsoft is more Linux friendly company as it used to be :)


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  • Simon

    Does this mean Evolution might get more native Exchange support!? 

    • alex285

      I don’t really know anything about Evolution but after you set up online accounts, exchange should work in evolution out of box.  I hope someone else respond to this if am I wrong. 

  • Floo Bar

    I’d rather say that linux got more mircrosoft-friendly.  ;)

    • Teri Seika

      totally! compatibility issues were always solved or not by linux not Microsoft. 

  • Teri Seika

    is it exchange 2003 or 2007?
    because the big issue since 5 years for gnome in general and Evolution in particular is 2007 not 2003.