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GOA & Empathy 353

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[1] Gnome 353.. What is a nice change in Control Panel is that they have used Clutter (I guess) here and they have a nice scrolling animation in options navigation. It is like a curtain effect from right to left.

[2] The new MS exchange support in GOA

[3] I hadn’t (the truth is I have :) ) an exchange account to try it, but this is the login

[4] Empathy’s loading screen

[5] And this is the new -with minor changes- Empathy’s interface.  The Application Menu seems huge (with 2 options -Contacts, Rooms- opened), but this is mostly because screen resolution (1024×768).  But ok, it is huge, 768 pixel height!

[6] If you right click on contacts info your Gnome Contact is opening

[7] The call conversation that wasn’t working. Also doesn’t work for me in 340

[8] The patches for notifications haven’t merged in 353

[9] The re-designed Empathy’s General Tab with some new options like “Automatically connect on Startup” and “Show account balances” which I haven’t a clue what is used for ;) All other tabs remain the same as 340.

These are pretty much all for Empathy 353. I just hope finally to make Empathy a usable IM, because all these years it has nothing but bugs. I can’t even connect my MSN Live in 340..

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  • Brandon Watkins

    Empathy is great in theory, but I too have had nothing but bugs with it (i’ve also has many bugs with gnome-contacts and gnome-online-accounts, found it unusable). Empathy is also missing features that pidgin has had for years, like file transfer over aim. I’d love to switch to empathy some day, I’ll try it again when gnome 3.6 comes out.

    Empathy loves to do crap like randomly setting me as away when I’m still using the computer, setting me as away in the gnome-shell user menu when empathy still says available in the contact list (and vise-versa), and the latest bug when I resume from suspend it reconnects my accounts successfully but refuses to show anyone on my contact list until i restart empathy. /rant

    • Alexis Diavatis

      I use Gnome over 10 years.. Gnome never had a serious IM; the best was aMSN which is abandoned for a year. And I just checked, aMSN is active again!

  • Mike Manilone

    The new Empathy seems really nice and I can’t wait to see it!

  • Guest

    I think it would be wonderful if you can screencast the effects from Empathy, because i haven’t found any screencast or iso with 3.5.3 in the net.

    • Alexis Diavatis

      You mean youTube it? There aren’t any transitions to watch in Empathy,  if this is what you mean. The effects is only in Control Center.

      • Guest

         Oh, yes. Sorry I mean to youTube the Control Center effects.

        • Alexis Diavatis

          When it get some more stable ofc, because everything is broken ;)