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GNU in Epic Rap Battles of History :)

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First off, for the people that ignore it, GNU is a recursive acronym for “GNU’s Not Unix!”. The term aims to emphasize that while GNU’s design is Unix-like, it is free software and contains no-Unix code.  The rest of the story is pretty much known, Richard Stallman initiates the GNU project in 1983 and founds the Free Software Foundation (FSF) in 1985 in order to develop GNU project further.

GNU’s project goal was to deliver an open source Unix-compatible operating system and while GNU released a set of GNU programs like GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and bash, what was missing was a kernel. In 1991 an unknown back then developer named Linus Torvalds released Linux and one year later most of the GNU tools had been ported in Linux kernel.


In 1994 Ian Murdock the founder of Debian named the project to GNU/Linux and he noted:

this change was made in response to a request by Richard Stallman (who initially proposed “Lignux,” but suggested “GNU/Linux” instead after hearing complaints about the awkwardness of the former term).”

There is a lot of controversy about GNU/Linux term and many people think today that this is the right term. However the founder of Linux, Linus Torvalds said:

Umm, this discussion has gone on quite long enough, thank you very much. It doesn’t really matter what people call Linux, as long as credit is given where credit is due (on both sides). Personally, I’ll very much continue to call it Linux“.

But later when Linus was asked whether the name “GNU/Linux” was justified, he replied:

Well, I think it’s justified, but it’s justified if you actually make a GNU distribution of Linux … the same way that I think that “Red Hat Linux” is fine, or “SuSE Linux” or “Debian Linux”, because if you actually make your own distribution of Linux, you get to name the thing, but calling Linux in general “GNU Linux” I think is just ridiculous

Stallman according to Linux Journal seems to said “Linus got the glory for what [Stallman] wanted to do” .

There are some interesting stories about all these in Wikipedia and I included the links on the end of the page. Personally I feel that the right term is just Linux. Anyway..

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History

Back to the funny part of the post. Epic Rap Battles of History is my favorite YouTube show and this month a battle between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates takes place. Somewhere in the end of the video GNU term is mentioned. Okay is not big deal, but I hope to enjoy it :)

Well Microsoft and Apple for now..


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